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The Cosmic Channel
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with AthenaStar and guest Douglas Newsom

The Cosmic Channel with Master Medium AthenaStar

Guest, Douglas Newsom

Guest Name, AthenaStar

Your Pitch

MASTER  MEDIUM INSIGHTS  for  End  2017  &  Pre-2018

Rev. AthenaStar is  the  perfect  Show  Guest  with over  25  years  experience  in  Master Level Mediumship  as  a  Visionary,  Healer and  Teacher,  who   has  both  hosted   her  own  2-year BBS Show  a  few years  ago,  and  has  been  a  frequent  guest  on  many local  and  onine  radio shows. She  provides   powerful  and  precise Ascended Master & Angelic  Guidance   and High Frequency Energetic Shifts  to  audiences  worldwide  via   phone  and  onine,  with   testimonials  of   "instant  personal  and  life  shifts  on  alll  levels."  She  assists   in "connecting"   people  with   thier  own  Angels  and  Master Teachers,  and "Higher SELF, helping  "smooth"  the   pathway  to Enlightenment  and Ascension.  She  also  transmits  messages  from  "Loved ONes  in  the  AfterLife",  assisting  in  resolving  and  transcending  past  issues  so all   parties can  ascend  to higher  levels  of  peace,  harmony,  and  grace. All  clients   experience  a  major  shift  in  Vibrational Frequency  as  a  result of  her work with  the "Federation of  Light."

TRULY,   a   Guest  that   willl   bring  excitement,  intrigue,  and  powerful insights &  shifts concerning personal AND global transformation. Rev.  AthenaSTar's  new  EBOOk  is   available  on Amazon  "Celebrity Insights for  Global Change."  It  encompasses  powerful Wisdom ,  Inspiration  and  Transformation  from  Soul  Masters   such  as  Princess  Diana,  JFK,  Elvis,  John Lenon,  Mother Theres,  Judy Garland & more.

Master and Angel Medium

Rev. AthenaStar, MAHR, is a reknowned Master/Angelic Medium, Akashic Record/Karmic Healer, Teacher, Cert. Coach and Motivational Speaker. She has assisted thousands worldwide (including dignitaries and world teachers) in life-transformational sessions & conferences (both live and telephone) for personal and career success, relationships & prosperity. Frequent national TV/Radio guest. She hosted a show on BBSRadio for 2 years in the past. She is also a frequent Guest on national TV/Radio. Available for guest speaking, workshops, sessions media interviews.

Phone Res
1 941 426 7145
Phone Cell
1 808 258 1063
Phone Bus
1 808 258 1063

The Cosmic Channel

As an Ascended Master Medium, Clairvoyant, Certified Life & Career Coach for 25+ yrs, Rev. AthenaStar channels compelling and inspiring Insight and multidimensional energetic shifts with her Radio & TeleConf Audiences on unlimited personal and global Issues such as: Prosperity; Career;  Relationships; Soulmates; Family; Pets; Akashic/Past Life Clearing; Cellular Reprogramming; Arts & Culture; Spiritual Development; New Earth & Ascension;Ascended Masters, Angelics & Cosmic Hosts; Hypnotherapy & LightRay Healing and more, to assist in manifestation of Life goals and Ascension. She has assisted thousands worldwide with quantum vibrational shifts to achieve their highest visions and goals. Frequent Online Radio Guest and Host on BBS Radio (2007-2009). Spiritually gifted most of her life, she experienced a miraculous healing in Hawaii, 1987, then advanced her spiritual path via the Ascended, Angelic & Cosmic Hosts as well as various foundations.   

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