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The Celeste Stein Show, January 13, 2024

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The Celeste Stein Show
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with Celeste Stein and guest Rashmi Airan

The Celeste Stein Show with Celeste Stein

Guest: Rashmi Airan,

"I was a wealthy suburban woman. Then I went to federal prison for bank fraud."

The Washington Post

Rashmi Airan is a keynote speaker and consultant determined to create organizational cultures focused on integrity, authenticity, and accountability. Rashmi instills audiences with the energy and understanding to create the safe space that will allow us to engage in courageous conversations in all aspects of our lives. She will create a strategy for any organization to address reputational risk issues as they arise. Rashmi utilizes her own experiences to share her human performance methodology, technique and mindset that will catalyze leadership, growth and stability in all organizations.

Meet Rashmi

About Rashmi


Rashmi Airan is a captivating and motivational speaker and consultant with a mission to foster organizational cultures centered around integrity, authenticity, and accountability. Her story transcends the pitfalls of unknowingly making a life-altering decision; it’s a tale of leadership, core values, and decision-making, capable of creating a safe haven for courageous and often challenging conversations.

As a first-generation immigrant of Indian descent and the eldest of three daughters, Rashmi was raised with lofty expectations for achievement. Besides being a devoted mother of two, she excelled as a lawyer, graduating with honors from Columbia Law School. After gaining experience at several major corporations, she embarked on an independent law practice in Miami, Florida. During the housing boom, she was drawn into collaboration with a local real estate developer who later engaged in questionable business practices. Driven by her desire for financial success and to provide the best life for her children, Rashmi developed an ethical blind spot and refrained from questioning her client’s actions, despite her inner voice urging her to do so. Her involvement led to a federal prison sentence for bank fraud, along with a multi-million dollar judgment against her future earnings, mandated community service hours, and three years of supervised release.

During her six months in federal prison, Rashmi found inner peace and self-forgiveness. This life-changing experience humbled her greatly but also imparted invaluable personal and professional lessons. She realized that living with remorse is one thing but allowing it to define one’s identity is another.

Now a “recovering lawyer and investment banker,” a female leader, and a community entrepreneur, Rashmi is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and TEDx presenter. Her clients include prominent organizations such as Coca-Cola, Medtronic, Brown University, Hershey’s, the FBI, Sotheby’s, MGM Resorts, and Columbia Law School. Drawing from her extensive legal, business, and community expertise, she shares her compelling story to deliver impactful messages to universities, law firms, corporations, global multinationals, and trade associations. Rashmi is determined to use her story as a lens through which to showcase the myriad factors that influence our choices and to advocate for the business discipline essential for sound decision-making. In doing so, she redefines the meaning of success and underscores the importance of accountability and emotional intelligence in an ever-evolving global culture.

Rashmi serves on the Board of Directors for the Overtown Youth Center/Alonzo Mourning Foundation and is a mother of two teenagers. 

Rashmi Airan’s inspiring journey reminds us of the significance of decision-making, the need for accountability and a new formula for leadership in today’s dynamic world

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