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Bringing Intimacy Back, September 2, 2021

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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Guest, Christian De La Huerta

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown, co-host Dr. Kelly Bushey and guest Christian De La Huerta, Author and Breathwork Teacher

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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welcome to the brain intimacy back show we are intimacy is real if you desire to intimately connected with yourself your significant other children and family friends community and your higher power this show is for you that's we explore intimate topics inspiring life story virtual reality and insightful tips on strengthening relationships this show is hosted by dr. April and her co-host dr. Kelly now let's get this episode of the bringing intimacy back show started because we share with you the secret power to intimacy to create a life you love or love the life you create now here's your host dr. April dr. Kelly welcomes you to bring in a show where intimacy is real hey doctor Kelly how you doing I'm doing terrific I had two crowns this week my clothes in one week and one of those beautiful
thank you yes yes so you feeling okay and everything yeah everything is great I mean you know it's not fun going to the dentist but I'm one of those crazy people that love you know what doctor April he removed the crown that have been there for 37 years I had a front tooth crown for 37 years I haven't had anything for 37 years but that thing wouldn't leave me there's a relationship that just yeah right is amazing good yeah I'm doing good yes yes one great thing is that cuz you know I've been doing a series of intimacy books oh yeah the intimacy for me it's really the things that I feel like it's my calling the more intimate we are the more connected we are just now Spirit and the significant others
it better I'm in a house that so we have the first one of color South and spirit and then recently I did one that is just particularly about self intimacy which is really really important you know it's connecting with us out and in the last the third one just came out and it's everyday it's Russian everyday expression you know what happened I haven't read that yet that's all right yes yes so all three books on Amazon now and two of them on Audible and sell we're working toward that which is which is great that is wonderful because those men those messages can go out all over do you know what congratulations dr. April on having the bringing intimacy back show in the top 50 on relationship top 50 and apple podcast a relationship podcast and for our guests will be here shortly but Christian Delaware
right yeah Delaware I forgot what he said Put it again you'll know this is the 10th year it's the 11th year that the bringing in of a cvac show has been here so it's no surprise that you're up there an Apple podcast dr. April thank you thank you yes and one thing about nothing and it's Misty back it is a nonprofit and we also highlight other nonprofits and so if you're interested in donating to bring it to see backing of course going to a website but they're not part of this month which I'm so excited about is our mother's home my mother home is a place here in Southwest Florida that helps out teenage moms and I spent the summer with these teenage moms and it was just amazing. I remember being a young mom how you just sometimes don't know what to do how to do but this organization
put you with others you get to stay there and stuff so definitely check it out is call our mother's home and guess what in October they have an event called women of the rise than being the keynote speaker app that I'll talk more about yes yeah I look forward to hearing that exciting to be a Keno with my first time ever so you'll do fabulous because it's all about your message and you certainly have that yes yes but do you know who has a powerful message who are Jax today yes yes in Delaware yes yes yes I guess what he's talking about
intimacy intimacy intimacy with you a super you creating a powerful South welcome Christian he's Awakening the soul you know and really I was so that's where the intimacy lies and everything that's right the innermost parts of our heart welcome Kristen to the stage thank you thank you so much thanks for having me dr. April and dr. Kelly and the congrats on the new book and the new crowns and the new Keynotes and the new everything yes yes but Christian just to give you guys some background information he has over 30 years of experience so which is amazing I mean you
you look like 35 I'm a little older than I look
yes I need to stop
personal transformation code leading voice and what we call the breathwork community just a little sign out I recently came back from Costa Rica and we did the yoga and a lot of breath work and what he's going to talk about about the breathwork it's just amazing and how that can be healing through our soul and even throughout body go back to Christian only healing but it's actually has a you thing effect that's one of the reasons that that I'm in good shape that I'm holding up all right it's all that breathing
you look like 35 and she's traveled all over the world transforming between psychological and he's an award-winning author and a head head Amigos he's right on Ted Ted Talks I guess right and his book Awakening the sole of power was described by Gloria Estefan's yes she read the poem for the soul if anyone searching for two and answers to Life's difficult question what we have some questions for you today from from one of our South Florida neighbors dr. April right now I'm in Miami Oak Grove
wonderful okay yes yes yes yes I have family in and I might have been cooking at girls too that is welcome that is amazing one of the first question cuz this show is about instead we like to think about in the like to know from the outlands how do you define intimacy earlier that intimacy is is an ultimately about a relationship to ourselves to ourselves and intimacy is you notes when we can be with another where we can be with ourselves in into the most authentic most real self without having to hide without having to put on a mask or having to act differently than we actually are so we just get to be ourselves in the most intimate and then we'll in the deepest ways
amazing yeah another thing I was thinking that before we really get into the power of your book you say the soul in some people
don't know what the soul is you know cuz people think that variety of things so how would you to find that it's one of those questions that I don't think ultimately answer because it is in the round that's beyond words and Beyond understanding would be on logic but here's how I think of it
like if even if we go bye-bye Western religions that claim that God is everywhere that the sacred is is omnipresent that welded up means much to the surprise of some humans that it's also in us and it's expressing itself through us or ice as part of us and so Anatomy that's what the soul is the soul is our own piece of sacred real estate
it's how bad
you're like I don't believe in Abomination but if I were to believe in Abomination it would be the externalization of the Sacred like somewhere along the way we put heaven and we put the sacred away from us where and where the hell is heaven anyway how much further could we have placed it away from us and then then then we have this especially in the west is artificial split between the physical and the spiritual and and so everything that's of the physical we made less that we made something to be conquered to be subjugated to be controlled so no wonder we treat the plan of the way that we do and then the body on top of that was animalize sexuality with demonized so no wonder we have sexual issues as a species if we're going to talk about intimacy
so how did you even get in involved in working with the solar and breathwork how did you get involved in that
even though I was a I come from the from the secretary Peter the show my dad was a psychiatrist my degrees in Psychology and I was on a track to get a PhD in Psychology until I discover breathwork and then I jump tracks I never went for the PHD and the reason for that is that it works so fast and and heal so profoundly at so many levels including physically by the way and I don't know anything more effective in terms of healing past trauma and end like an emotionally mentally and it just works and it works really fast and with all due respect to the Psychotherapy tradition in the right hands as you know with with clear goals it can be incredibly supportive and in life changing and we also know that you can sit on somebody's couch for years at a time and nothing happens the end the reason for the other
and it can fall short is that. Trauma that that you no longer lives in the Hat at least it is not longer in the mind that trauma has now been somaticize that lives in the body so no amount of talking about it is really going to get to it so I actually work with a lot of therapists who send people to me when they have a client who tattoos you know who is kind of stuck and sometimes you can just a sessions enough to you know I'm stuck them in Den to energize that that their process is like a therapy because it is so that the breath bypasses the mind and it goes to the source of the trauma wear it now lives in the body and it clears it and any I know I realized that this sounds too good to be true that so much healing can happen just from breathing but you know what to do to the logical part of me to the scientific part of my mind it's still like
30 years later still sounds too good to be true but I can't argue with results if it works and then I'm in my case my very first session I knew that I would never be the same and I wasn't my life took a whole other direction and indeed for the last three decades I've been traveling the world and and offering fresh works with all sorts of people over the last couple years before the pandemic I was going to China three four times a year and working with like really high-level corporate leaders and Pack Leaders at Millionaires and billionaires and it it works and it works fast
that's okay yeah we're going to take a short break when we get back I really wanted for you to Define exactly what breathwork is cuz I think some people thinking it's
and also this year cuz you even just said 30 years ago you had the experience of your first session yes and how that just transform your life it is a wonderful book that you have call Awakening the soul apart we'll be back in a moment are you and take a vacation in Paradise medication to rekindle the vacation without the kids a vacation where you can learn how to communicate where you and your partner actually hear each other and game inside if so vacation counseling is your next vacation vacation counseling and Southwest Florida as a perfect option for you and your partner our Retreats are one couple at a time we have a variety of packages available to choose from including virtual Couples Retreat if you and your partner interests in the vacation counseling please visit us at vacation counts
dot-com for more information on pricing and packages also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep track of the latest news stories activities or coupons on vacation counseling and other services we encourage you to sign up to receive a monthly newsletter called intimate connections at dr. April Brown. Calm remember if you and your partner are struggling with communication and you all are looking for a retreat to connect vacation counseling can be vacation in Southwest Florida
welcome back to the bring an intimacy show where intimacy is will we have wonderful speaker Cristian Dela Dela Rocha book Awakening the soul of power and he specialized and this breathwork can you explain what that really means and how they transform your life from your first session
are you at your best work is kind of a abroad umbrella turn there's a lot of different breeding practices of breathing techniques, for relaxation for Stress Management summer great for like focus and an energizing yourself so that you can not have to reach for the coffee cup after lunch and submit that this particular kind of reading practice what what I mean by breath what could you do it longer you breathe in a circular connected way for about an hour an hour and a half ago longer they go like 3-4 hours and it's amazing how how powerfully at work's not only do does it heal in the ways that I was talking about in a mentally emotionally it be spiritually even physically but it can provide some of the most amazing spiritual experiences that I've ever had and that's one of the ways in which
it changed my life in that I had it at had one you know what they call the color unitary experiences that that sense of feeling at one where the feeling connected to all of creation and you know that everything that I'd read about but I've never experienced in my own body and and that made all the difference because that's just it it's just that the way that I thought I thought about myself on the way that I thought about all of creation and I was never the same after that
is it part of like being still like the scripture says be still and know that I am God so hard for us to be still I'm so do you think in part that it's also about being still and focusing on is it regarding Center in sitting on a meditation cushion for 10 20 30 years to have that moment of no mind that place of Stillness that you talked about that has to happen to us the end the beginning can be very cathartic you know can be powerful people have a powerful emotional releases people you know recover memories from childhood stuff that was surprised and requested an end and that's how it works because what used to be spiritual teaching that everything is energy now we know from from physics from quantum physics that it's true everything is energy that means our bodies are energy even though they might feel
solid or emotions are energy we know from physics that energy cannot be destroyed so just because many points in our lives week emotions came up and we didn't feel safe with a feel comfortable dealing with them expressing them or in some cases even feeling them so we suppress them we stuff them we don't allow ourselves to feel a move to communicate them with all those suppressed emotions they just don't go away you can't sweep them under the rug as you as you know so what happens is they get stuck in in the tissues of our bodies and a few years and Decades of suppressing your emotions we walk around with layers upon layers upon layers of repressed emotional craft and and here we are trying to have a relationship in the present moment and all of it is getting filtered through a lifetime of unhealed past trauma and repressed emotions like how any relationships work boggles my mind because we haven't been taught how to approach him we haven't been taught
how to hold them how to contextualize and then we certainly haven't been taught how to clear up music to the emotional repressed cauldron of emotions that we walk around with and so the simple at and then what happens to us like we were pressed we repress repress and then the next unfortunate one comes and rubs it the wrong way and Bone volcano volcanic eruptions and we come to our relationships sometimes irreparably or we were pressed for repressed we surprised we swallow those emotions those energies have to come out so what happens Italy starts seeping out and they start showing up as physical symptoms heart attack cancer ulcers so it's really important that we get to feed that we learn how to feel or emotions are we learn how to communicate and because we've also a summer-long the way we label the emotion of weakness especially for men making a little boys don't cry since we were kids and why because only
what's right and and because that means that that that little girls are weak because I have emotions like what a twisted misunderstanding like first of all the emotions are neither strength nor weakness or Just Energy write the weather how we Express on the pens depending on how we express them is they have a good or not so good effect
and and and also the other misunderstanding is that the feminine is weaknesses like come on really you want to talk you want to talk. You want to talk strength you want to talk power let's talk about the power of creation that resides in the female body
yeah when you said that you know what that means that women are weak as like they haven't met my mother
play seriously was one of the most powerful influences in your life
well going from your ear thing to mine is like my mom has nine kids in 12 years no twins all of us received in Cuba so we raised under communism for the first ten years of my life and and my parents were involved in counter-revolutionary activities that are actually conspiring against the dictatorial totalitarian regime of the castros in in income in cook with the CIA and most of their friends were either shot their went to the firing squad or they spent 20 years in jail so and then we left Cuba and can I like suddenly like without coming to the states without speaking the language in that you got to feed and support and educate and clothes nine kids
and I can't even begin to imagine you know that. The sacrifices that bad that both she and my dad made and you don't like how many times they had to put their own desires their own preferences on hold because of some kid needed something or other and sex I really honor them and the other things that I'm really grateful for my mom and and I said it's an issue for me now because she's beginning to develop dementia and that her life was is beginning to fade and it's so so much from her I learned unconditional love ya
fun this work I'm assuming even as a young child being an immigrant even going to that experience is coming over here and all the other stuff that you had some trauma on Precious Memories
and was that able to be released after that you were able to bring to the Forefront in the things that were stuck in your body
yeah yeah oh yeah that's right I can speak I speak about all this stuff from personal experience that stuff I read in a book or picked up in a weekend seminar I did pick up a lot of wisdom and practical stuff from from both book and Senators but what I teach you what I write about his stuff that I live and so yeah so we not only the trauma of of Early Childhood in been born which we all go through I didn't and that that trauma of adolescence you know of him going through that struggle of dependence vs. individuation is also the truck. The trauma of leaving family in Cuba and eating everything in Cuba and then coming to the to the states without speaking the language feeling so different I came here to learn how to beat different than how to how to beat the other because in Cuba
since you applied for permission to leave to get a visa to leave the country you were labeled gusano which means warm and and what's been in third grade and my sister and I used to be at the top of the class we're good students until they found out that we were had applied for permission and then like no more no more cookies at break and they called us Gusano's no more Awards and and so then we come to the states and I am the only speak a Spanish speaking in my class in the middle of this town in Georgia little town in the middle of Georgia we went to Georgia a little town called Milledgeville that had a psychiatric hospital is known for a psychiatric hospital and that was one of the few places where the Cuban shrinks could practice while we're getting their licenses here but you know it's like as you can imagine
I guess what forty years ago no longer than that they didn't take very kindly to foreigners
tell me a joke and add to add to that sexual abused right around that time so and then I was like like kids do like mastered not masturbate got pretty good at English so that I would fit in and it because we have that this strong need to come along and put to the great degree that I've started rejecting parts of of my own being like Bree trying to retrieve to deny that I was that I thought I was cute and that I can that I have my my Latino Heritage and and then we moved to my Avenue where I went to high school and my high school was like 99% cuban-american so now I stand that again because I sound like a Georgia Peach and not to mention the invention of them which which I already knew that I was gay I knew it a young age that I was gay so we know it and I was raised in a very Catholic environment so
my whole lot of lessons was one long to pressure that I struggled with and try to reconcile notice part of me that wanted to serve the sacred I want to do to serve God As I understood that and and with the intrinsic part of who I am and and trying to find a wave of space for myself in a religion that told me that I was going to burn in hell for eternity so much my adolescence was one long depression with with suicidal fantasies but here's the power of this work but the breathwork in the end the teachings that that I write about these days flash-forward no matter the details of my life no matter the circumstances a relationship works out or doesn't a project succeeds or fails and quote never ever ever do I question my sense of self my exit my self-worth by myself except as myself love is firm and unshakable and no matter what happens and end so that I know that if that can happen in my case it can happen in any way
and that all that stuff that happened to us as kids and Anna's adolescence and growing up and living life that whatever age that audit stuff can be healed and I can be transcended love this I love it you know Christian a book that you can write based on what you just said unshakable I like that it sounds like a movie your life sounds like a movie I'm so grateful to have met you and that you are so open and that your work I am sure as helping so many people
curling iron thank you so much for so somebody else can do the movie keep writing what you're saying is so inspiring I have tears in my eyes my God thank you thank you for like totally overwhelmed so much that that is so meaningful because I need my time alone that's how I re-entered Raisa rejuvenate and so for me to to to be in the public eye I do it because of my sense of mission because I know that what I what I live in what I write about and what I teach makes a difference in in real human lives with with permanent effect. So when either my writing on my teaching his is acknowledged
did it touches me in in in a deep way so thank you in your website in learning more about you I'm this process and his treatment is something that you would have to do daily
to let me the breathwork no no no no
no not another really really I'm in fact I don't recommend that it's done daily because it's the really powerful the most I ever did it was for two weeks every day
by the end of the two weeks I was in a good place and I was kind of in a Lala place but it was hard to function it was hard to get stuff done because I was I was kind of Spacey so once a week I would say so they will do it once a month some people be no do it less than that it's it's really powerful and it has cumulative effect
you know. Let's go to that place like where you feel these emotions that kind of experience will relive because I tested a trauma that is stored in the body when we breathe in the circular connected way it gets dislodged from the body so is it getting released from the body people can have memories be in it and it can be very Vivid it's like reliving something and and the safety classes at what we only what we ready to look at it and deal with it comes out if we're not ready to look at it with you with everything it's not going to come up
so in that sense I guess you could say that except that it is kind of like regression in that in that you re lives something some people honestly some people have memories of previous life times and stuff like that people also have these are just amazing experiences of communicating you're still the one last night for somebody who is whose boyfriend just took his life last week and she came over for for a session and in bad experience she communicated with him she felt them and and got to a real place of profound healing and understanding and ends in forgiveness right because she was doing that self-inflicted number on herself about what else could I have done how could I not have seen this and so she was able to go to a a really deep place of peace and acceptance of resolution and and some people have only experienced this way
loved ones who have passed but they have you know visitations from either Angels or where the Buddha or mother Mary or or Jesus is like or Ganesh the different aspects of the Divine that people have connections and experiences of it said it's really it's hard to describe and it and it's amazing how it works I did not know cuz I have someone on the show last week about connecting with a passed loved ones so I did not realize that your distress work helps you to connect with a passed loved one and from what I seen that you do the one-on-one sessions and then you do these group sessions and there is the book if someone's like listening and like how did they get started on me
yeah I'm not doing the group's now because because of the pandemic right because it's I guess I am doing them but one on one and and you know what people who have been either vaccinated or the depth of the test the day off because we're very selective only with people that I work with for people who come referred by a therapist because powerful stuff happens to us is really cathartic so I need to feel safe but if something comes up for them they are going to be able to handle that or they have the support system right there otherwise I won't do it virtually yeah
I have a question sure
I instead of connecting with passed loved ones early on when you were talking I thought about I would like to connect with myself I need a lot of lonely people and I have a strong faith but on my lonely days I connect with my faith but I'm quite certain also if I have a better relationship with myself then I'll enjoy my time with myself a lot more so is that something that would also benefit for people that are listening and they just have a sense of loneliness yes absolutely yes and then end like doctor April was saying in the beginning of our conversations like intimacy begins with that relationship that is the primary relationship is with ourselves and and and from that all the other ones you know are impacted so absolutely and that's what it did for me you know the level of self-acceptance
self-awareness self-knowledge was very much supported by the breath work and by understanding what the eagle mind is which is what I explained in the the first part of the book so you had a great class asked me to talking about the book and and how people could find out about it and what the first step is I would say first that read the book right because the book is Will Rock You by the hand understanding the mind and understanding why we do the things we do like why do we sabotage ourselves why do we get caught in this relationship patterns that sometimes feel like we're in the same boring old movie just with a different lead actor but I put the same patterns the same crap the same issues the same stuff so I've some point we got it honest and realize that there is one common denominator in every one of those relationships every one of those arguments every one of those upset and every one of those complex and so
at some point we got to turn that mirror with Dan and look at ourselves and ask ourselves why do we do the things we do why do we attract a certain kind of person why do I keep recreating the same old boring patterns in my relationships and Toad the book is designed with very with short operators and with power practice is at the at the end of each and the reason for that is cuz I know how busy we all are a man and how how many distractions and and it wouldn't add Society we are
so if you don't do like one chapter a week and then do the practices because of those are designed to to apply to teaching so that it doesn't stay at the level of information so that we integrate them into our lives cuz we don't need more information we got information overload what we need is transformation and that's what those teachings are designed to do and so that's the first part of the book the rest of the book is understanding why we get stuck in power struggles and end the thing is that most of us have an ambivalent conflicted relationship to power a part of us wanted and part of his terrified of it and I think what we're afraid might happen if we really stepped into all of who we are that other people wouldn't be able to handle it and then we might end up rejected an alone we also fear that we might have use it and no wonder we got to do is turn on the news any given day to witness at least one of you has a power and then we've also been condemned
to believe that power the bad thing and end up hours on full and that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and so what good-hearted person was to be corrupted but what they didn't tell us is that. Quote from Lord Acton was specifically referring to political power not personal power to combine all that with that with that we work with that we were talking about before about the making the emotions weakness and we were afraid of our emotions we run away from conflict you put all that into a mixed what happens is that we give our power away we sell out we play small and and I and in our innate inherent power that nobody can give to us nobody can take it away we are the only ones that can give it away and the tragic part the lame part is that we give it away for an illusion of security we settle for less for for a false sense of acceptance we Place Mall
we say yes when inside we feel no fault for morsels for crumbs of pseudo love and and so it's not an effective strategy and I'm at the book guides to The Reader through is like how do we step into power in a different way I always have enough power in a way that's not about fear hierarchy control for Domination manipulation how do we step into power in a way that doesn't require that we push anybody down step on them put on need to their neck in order for us to proper sells up and feel powerful how do we do that in a way that is congruent that is a match for who we are in our inherent good selves in our hearts
wow that was fast break right now and then we'll have some questions beautiful Christian Delaware if you have a pulse you have stress if you have stress you should get a therapist how do you go online type in therapist near me then you find the list of letters l m h c l p c m c c how can you navigate and understand all this
go to dr. Kelly dr. Kelly specializes in supporting people who suffer from stress and anxiety and more you can have help today doctor Kelly
walking back to the bring an intimacy show where intimacy is real so we've been talkin about Awakening the sole of power and kissing you just went into this whole element of informing us how important it is to be A-Okay with ourselves and okay with power and I was thinking as I was listening to this some people feel like oh my gosh even from a religious perspective I can't think about myself that means I'm selfish and this or that or like you said they're scared of power it's like oh my gosh if I'm powerful as a female on call us her name or even if I'm Popeye the mail yes I'm stepping on someone else's toes yeah one question that I do have is
how do you know when it's time for you to look Within
that's a great question. Let me let me let me think it's always time like that is like the first thing we should be taught how to do as kids rather than be taught how to get into college or in addition to be taught how to get to the college and we should be being talked like understanding the Mind mindfulness practices yoga meditation how do how do I approach ourselves and life and I also want to address what what you just said I because I do believe that women have another layer of desk and end this we had a false understanding and misunderstanding of what humility is the week we've been kind of condition to believe that guy oh my God know if I if I really be doll who I am like who do I think I am on how are how dare I how arrogant where is the way that I think about it it's like if you don't call it God given qualities you know that each one of us is completely unique like there isn't
anyone else in this universe or any other universe who has the same genetics who has the same qualities the same experiences that make each one of us unique so if we don't give expression to that ain't nobody else going to do it so for me it's the dusty arrogance but if it's it's stuffing herself is acting small is acting as as we are less than we actually are than giving away our powers like how dare we had are we Place mall with with the gifts that we were given an answer for me that. The like if I got to add another commandment it would be more like Dashiell express yourself fully and and and express your your your full unique potential to the best of your capacity because in doing that you're celebrating God you're celebrating creation because again nobody else is going to do it in your same way and and and
read that the arrogance is like how dare we especially in these times and he's critical dramatic times you know you can say they were Make It or Break It time and the planet will be fine right the planet that may take a few million years but life will continue in some form of Consciousness will continue evolving in some form maybe it turns out to be an intelligent and lightning, which planet who knows whether we make it like that's that's what we're beginning to witness now like like with all these storms and all these fires it just like you did would just beginning to get to witness what we have Unleashed on the environment and so when I look at it from that perspective and and and what's riding on this end so there's anybody listening to this who who has had the slightest suspicion that they have work to do as teachers as healers as active as for change to support the spiritual awakening
is also happening at the same time like this is it this is a time that we've been waiting for and and I'm sorry but we don't have a whole lot of time left over for more certifications or more degrees get them if you want to but don't use that as an excuse for not stepping into doing your work so I guess all hands on deck
it's a personal Journey it's your work it's it's risky it's scary but do it you're worth it if you don't take a compliment right like I call it having an honest inventory like be honest about your strengths and giftedness I'm a look at the people in this room right now. After April to Rockstar she has three books now
and look at yours is endorsed by Gloria Estefan
you know we have three people that are amazing beings on our journey and it's not selfish to promote something that's going to help other people you guys are inspiring so what would you say Christian to our listeners that say I'm afraid to do the work and it's scary to start scary to the eagle mine to the eagle part of us and we don't have time to get into what the eagle is here but here's a quick visual if you put a baseball in the center of a stadium that's what the eagle is in the Eagles is our sense of self that are Persona like this is Christian over here that's Kelly over there and that's April over there it's so that's what the eagle is the baseball who we are is actually the stadium and we've allowed this tiny tiny tiny part of who we are to think that it is all of who we are and enter make really important critical consequential choices from it's very small
didn't always fear-based perspective and so so yeah change is scary to the ego because part of the function of the Eagles to maintain the status quo even is that status quo what is is the best comfortable and at worst miserable it doesn't care it's job is to keep things the way that they are so anything that signifies change it's going to be threatened by and so fear yeah it's like what we all fear but he did Houston Houston misunderstanding about this year we think that to be Fearless means that we no longer feel fear and that's not what it makes fearlessness means that we feel the fear and we override it we transcend it and we do it anyway
and aunt and yes some of us did the things like to to step outside of our comfort zone is scary but here's what's scarier to me that. Another year 5 years 30 years will go by and we're still stuck in in situation in jobs maybe even relationships that are sucking the very life force out of us that's way scarier to me
yeah and then just I'm about to mention that because I have a question from the audience his name is Peter and Peter is feeling like he's just working working working I just feel stuff I mean I'm in a marriage that's been so so I've got three kids and I feel like I'm just going from this 925 all this crisis stuff from you know what's happening here in the world
how is your book going to really help me at home at work
increase my money how is your book and I hope everything is going to shift the way that you see yourself it's going to shift your understanding of yourself if you going to begin to see patterns and understand why you do the things you do why you sell out on your power why you settle for less why you play small all those things were talking about and so once you understand that then you can break the patterns you can choose otherwise and and you can choose to step into your power and in a way that is a match for who you are and so once we start doing that everything changes we're different our relationships change our our situations change and we stopped selling ourselves short
so what you're saying is if there's a change within it has a ripple effect this is what you started out saying it's intimacy with stuff right in and we can't if he starts with her sister or self-awareness because we can't do anything about what we don't see but we're not what we're not aware of so the first episode of awareness and that's what this book begins to do is like help us understand why we do the things we do then self-awareness makes self-acceptance possible
we start seeing ourselves from a whole other perspective and then the next step is self-love and and in the type of the end and I know this is a kind I know self-doubt I know self-hatred and these days he was like that the journey from self-doubt and so I've held it to self love and self-acceptance like I lived it I know I know how to help somebody wants somebody by the hand through all of that and it's doable
we can all we can all do that we can all free ourselves because nobody else can do it for us thank you so much so can you let everyone know how to get self-awareness and then this self-acceptance and self-love which I know you do one-on-one sessions how can they get information on on that I see you help them toward action ya thank you so much for asking that in terms of the book it's available wherever books with Souls you can get it at your local bookstore if you want to support them and you can get it on Amazon and it turns are reaching me probably the best way is my my my my website from there they can access my social media and the website is so full power. Calm and for your for your audience if they go to my website to Sulphur and get them my email list and we don't we all know how easy it is to just click on subscribe if it doesn't work for you down the road but just forgetting on my email list
get a sample chapter of the book which talks about what it means to live a heroic life in the twenty-first century will get some of the power practices that we were talking about earlier and we'll get it recorded teaching and guided meditation on trust which hide created specifically to help us through these times of of chaos and fear and uncertainty
yes yes yeah yeah just just the word uncertainty that's gas and then trust it specially in this 2020 and 2021 years yeah
yeah exactly well you have a lot to offer and you've offered our listeners so much we're so grateful to have had you as a guest on the bringing him is he back show truly show me on the show on my I'm honored and I thank you for having the show and effort doing the your own healing work that and I know that in your willingness to do that not only your work personally as healers and teachers through this podcast that many many lives are being touched and helped an impact is that so thank you so much for that thing we talked about having an honest inventory today and to realize that you really are gifted and to be able to take compliments and things and admit your strengths as well as your weaknesses currently that bring him is he back show is ranking regionally and the top 50 on Apple
or relationship podcast so congratulations dr. April out of a relationship shows you're in the top 50 on Apple and also hate going strong in the Bahamas and in the top 200 in the US for relationship podcast your hard work is paying off listening please follow a subscribe follow us on your favorite podcast player you can download listen And subscribe our upcoming shows are Michael O'Brien and cultural intimacy laying your retirement foundation on September 16th with Jim Magadan and unlocking your Genius September 23rd
yes thank you so much for helping me co-host the show. The Kelly and this has been an awesome shell because it talked about so much the importance of each of us looking within and unleashing at Power and thank you so much Kristen in the sense of the Soul because in all honesty I think of each of us especially here in America but in other places where to do what you said what a better Society we would be living in and being able to on cuz you're also teaching and I know we only have a few months left but you said the right trust and I think what your book is is teaching people is how to be aware and Trust ourselves which of course losses to trust others of course.
can compromise better relationships yes yes thank you so much Kristen we would love to have you as a guest on the show any time and this has been to bring an intimacy back show where intimacy is real thank you see you guys next week

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