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Bringing Intimacy Back, March 12, 2020

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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with Dr April Brown and guest Jerome Infantado

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown and guest Jerome Infantado

Guest, Jerome Infantado

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Jerome Infantado
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Jerome Infantado has 14 years in the beauty/salon industry and will touch on the topic of how beauty correlates with sex, Secret on the housewives he meets, and the tea on salon gossip. Jerome will also tell us the story of how he meets and manages his distance relationship with his Danish boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. 

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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feeling lost and alone looking for validation from your partner only to find the feeling of rejection and continued frustration your together yet so far apart now your frustration is turned into disdain and resentment your insecurities have begun to affect every aspect of your life ironically you have now become the cold and detached one shielding yourself from the uncertainties of your relationships dr. April Brown has created bringing intimacy bag a series of discussions that are designed to help you reclaim what you have lost along the way after April will help you ReDiscover and reconnect to the intimate relationship your heart so desires go to ww.w. Bringing intimacy today and let the healing begin
welcome to the bring intimacy back show intimacy is real on this show we ain't to help you increase the intimate connection between you your significant other children family. Higher power we give you the secrets how it's intimacy to create a life you love love the life you create well on Today Show while we have something totally different today yes I'll top it today is Beauty and intimacy yes and I know a little bit but I've course as always I had to get expert who can come in and share with me about how Beauty and intimacy and a Lot of Things Different work so today I have an expert here today this is name is Joan and fontelle welcome to my home
hello I'm doing great I'm excited when he knows his stuff he is the founder of blank Aesthetics in Florida here in Fort Myers and it's like how can I put it it's like Beauty that's in heaven on his facility is wonderful very relaxing and they work on all forms of beauty his company specializes in lash extensions Michael pigmentation skin care makeup I mean just look how gorgeous drawing is today and his makeup okay
yes definitely he's also partnered with many medical professionals for a mini like invasive and non-invasive aesthetic procedure which is all this is important do eyelashes many years of the feel he has heard as we know I call it likes lontoc some people call it flan gossip of his clients as well as you are on all walks of life and on the show he's going to talk to us about how Beauty correlates with intimacy can talk about Saxon insecurities Jerome I say he's also Filipino which is fantastic American and he's worked extremely hard to develop I mean he's an entrepreneur what you get to hear all the way he's done a wonderful he's I also in a relationship it's been about 4 years with the Danish boyfriend so welcome to the show
as I was just talking about what you do can you share with out audience member the Journey of how you even got into the scale and became an entrepreneur and all that kind of information so I grew up in a very Asian family and in that we're supposed to go to college with supposed to get a Doctorate Degrees and and you know how to relieve academic job so and I'm also getting very Jane myself and I wanted to prevent pimples I wanted to make sure I look great
if it's your passion go ahead and kind of like how I got started and yes we are the first I think we're the first but
there's something about the eyes
it doesn't look finished without mascara and when I went to the beauty convention I saw this Asian lady that I was like oh my God you know
that's how you got started in the field other things besides eyelashes
well of course it's eyelashes was kind of the key that's kind of got me around town but of course we specialize in skin care for me skin care is mostly like
it's what we do for ourselves and how we look at the skin see what it needs something okay go get the microdermabrasion differently than your competitors
free music I like freedom and the way when my one of my clients come in we reconnect and it's a very intimate moment because it's there such a touching them in their eyes and give them the experience nothing like to know how to speak yes I would definitely agree have gone to I'm a variety of different people to do my lashes and when I was when I found with you yes it has been reported and experienced
yes cuz you're really good at being very on one of the things we're talking as we I'm open up and talk more about this in the Shell you're very authentic
in Sellwood that authentic see and then a passion about your field yeah it shows off in the work that you do so of course yes I feel like it's a very intimate experience when you visit your shop link
what lights can I add something to is it so I'm actually wearing tank tops right now cuz I'm in time Ashley currently at the salon and I'm wearing my tank tops and I want to be able to show people that you can come in here in your pajamas are Freedom that I like just like you said the freedom in the language did you expect cuz one of the reasons why we started this is cuz you and I were talking and then you were sharing how some of your customers tell you a lot of stuff to do you expect that if you were going in a starting this you know I'm going to hear so much intimate conversations with people was that an expectation I mean to be prepared for that
do actually wasn't really I wasn't expecting it but I know but I know that being Jay it brings a lot about Comfort women so it when I see a lot of you know not only
what's the proximity with the clients are also there are a lot of these stories before we get into meat and bones can you describe or tell me what your definition is a beauty and what is your definition of intimacy
a beauty is
what we perceive as beautiful question.
Are we all considered a Humanity as beautiful and then that's like a general statement I would say
beauty is what we see is just as a person has literally what the media and what the whole world and identifies beautiful because I'm not going to make money into making somebody look crazy avant-garde and try to last everybody wants to standard and as a professional I have to be able to imitate what you know the world sees beautiful and translate into a physical art about intimacy is what happens after Beauty it's the connection we make after seeing what you do weather in New York
I never thought about it's the connection after we see the beauty
yeah you said you continue to use this word vain what does vain mean
oh my goodness Venus someone who really
is very cautious and beer
there's selfish in a way where it's kind of a good thing because you're taking care of yourself
who's addicted to glamour who's I don't know that that's being for me it's a positive
pampering yourself many people how can I say take care of everybody else but they forget about themselves so what you're saying yeah I said you really do a good job taking care of yourself and also helping other people take care of them if my eyebrows are horrible I seriously it's a necessity if you're in the industry I would say and do you feel like I do feel like. Judy and intimacy affects your relationship also
yes of course that's so if anyone has any I invited a lot of my my clients that to listen to this all day no but for those who don't know I'm Asian I have Barry brown skin
I'm parked here I'm in the eyes and my boyfriend is white I would tell you very much and I'm really skinny so we have opposite
and the way you like it affects our relationship is that I
I'm attracted to whatever the opposite of me is and of course I I did give him a makeover so he's he's very blonde his eyebrows are blonde sew invisible Predator eyebrows and I taught him how to stop it but yeah I know that you are Filipino in sometimes when people that are totally different they feel
but they don't fit in yes
milk squash growing up it was insane and I was the only Asian kid in in elementary school and I heated and I hated my eyes it's very hard to love yourself when you in a place where your friend looks like another app no self-esteem. Yeah yes so how now how did you even change that low self-esteem to a person who is Bane like you said things happen
actually when I started traveling I went to Asia and I saw that they look like the magazines are look like really like oh my God there's so much more in this world than our backyard locally let me know the moment you see that like there's people who check you out in Indianola
yeah yeah yeah and I do think like you said when you travel and you get to see other countries and you actually for all those people out there listening whoever maybe low self-esteem when you able to see people that look like you and that are successful and stuff it does impact you and make you realize that you know beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and colors of skin and it flies yes yes yes definitely we're going to take a little break but when we come back we talk about the topic of beauty and it will take a short break right now you're a commercial from vacation counseling
are you wanting a vacation in Paradise a vacation to rekindle The Passion of the kitchen without the kids a vacation where you can learn how to communicate where you and your partner are sure each other and Jane insights vacation counseling is your next vacation then one of our exclusive the rest of the ultimate Couples Retreat enjoyed dining voting and all the lights off Florida has to offer let our counselors guide you through the rest vacation counseling accepting a vacation cancelling cam for more information back to bring back intimacy is real and on today's topic we're talking about beauty and with one of the local and famous drum and finds out he is the founder of blanket Statics which is actually which I Learned was the first
first business fast or gas that had does eyelashes and thank you so much more in with skin and stuff and so I'm one of the things that I want to talk about at least got this thing about beauty and intimacy is because I feel like specially with intimacy you got it feel comfortable with yourself first so SPD changes people and people become more confident than do you think Beauty and confidence, have a relationship for
oh yeah of course so what I do most of the time his eyelashes and so
it's probably not a mess but it's almost like a it changes people you know when you when you look from being sleepy to getting these really nice but limited flashes and looking so awake you you gain the course at confident and when you wear a mask to become a different person you are a lot more to the story is that she was at my husband has a long time and I'm having dinner really late and then she called me and she's like oh my God
I don't think it was here that night
but yeah but I'm in the sentence many people I talk to you about their problems I think if people are having relationship issues such as females it would tell their Salon person before their tell her therapist
oh yeah I think that's very common I always hear like the craziest by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and you hear a lot of crazy crazy stories
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so when those stories what do you feel like your role is your hearing all this stuff
I'm basically listener therapist
play we don't give advice me
what if I don't want anybody
email stating something that's are related to them so they'll probably be later
yes yes yes so I know I'm at one point you talked about earlier about the eyes and and you your feelings about eyelashes extension so the tell me how how to say hi because like you said that you did some of the Hyatt extension and for some reason she is confident your husband was able to see him or what number 1 not 2 dish on the nail people like the first thing that people see is your eyes you know and it's the window it's the windows so you can either look cheap like a window or like an expensive window you know what I mean really does make the major difference
myths about extensions that they think I should just go and buy those
fake eyelashes thing and put them on what's the difference between doing that and doing and getting the extension
it's all about prep time when you have extensions you can just wake up go to Walmart and be happy
it's always get this good together
yes I used to cross-dress back when I was you know Single Ladies crazy and so much makeup that I I didn't know what to do with that like okay let me try it on I want the salad and I have no girlfriend
I love the fact that like I can change somebody from an ordinary to extraordinary they turn like normal people into supermodels with the makeup and that's the best of slim saying it's the strength between the transformation in the change not just physically but also in the inside and the confidence that can give you know they just amazing and I want to try it out do I have to be gay the tryouts
makeup bar
I like to do I don't know if anyone can see me cuz I know where else on Facebook but I don't have any makeup on except for a little bit I just have perfect skin
Angel missing browser and then there was a there was an article that I read a while ago and something to do with the attractiveness of men and their eyebrows and new black men with drawn eyebrows and a lot of times women prefer men with strong eyebrows darker permanent makeup solution minded you see a lot of are some men that come in and get these type of services
I'm going back a little bit his skin care cuz you do have beautiful skin yes yes yes
will we have a hydrafacial machine that we'd like to just use when the person really needs we have a microdermabrasion machine we have
I mean we have microneedling which is literally like usually a 64 need to have a doctor we partner with doctors dr. James Michael Smith and dr. Allison Yee I love them both the amazing colors that are not as busy with obvious Beauty. Do you think that does that impact your relationship so let's talk a little bit more about relationship relationship
yes okay so we might experience I was really skinny and you know Ultra when I was single I used to looking and later get comfortable Eugene 20 lb and you know I know about myself and I feel like that changes you do my energy and I'm not even motivated to do it and so
the more I want to do by the way I lost my US 17 in a month diet there and I was when I was overweight or insults a beauty when you're not feeling beautiful or you get more from personal experience yes I totally 100% agree that beauty is
affect so much relationship and you just talked about jealousy so I know in my own feel a lot of times when I'm Stella see and do some relationships many times is because there's some in insecurities going on the same thing in the sense of the Mart in the sense of confidence and jealousy how how those two kind of relay
so I start crying like 2 hours ago and she was raised you know of your good self esteem basically I had a boyfriend before and then recently she was telling me about a new guy that the check on telling her oh my God you're so beautiful you're really really boosted her up the fact that she got into a really good relationship and it made her happy and you're less jealous
sometimes it's not even a beauty treatment that you need to do to get the yeah definitely doesn't like and then I said I was just thinking because you you make people you do a whole transformation of people do for someone who made had no one hit on them and whatever their cries and you and you feel like you have makeup and all that and this work of their scan and now all of a sudden they're like I don't have this big flower that's blossom into such beauty and all the different in my head now I have beat all these different yes yeah do you prepare your client for like oh my gosh
we have a joke because we always say kind of when you say eyelashes we always think of strippers and and you know we have a joke that a try to keep your lashes are freshly. You know it looks like it looks. We we always make that joke just because like
food doesn't get one day and goes back to what you were asking me course yes I'm going to get back with chocolate much more about relationship since your mom I would like for you on this commercial to tell us a little bit about your shop where people can get information and your social media and the services that you guys could buy it's all on you. We are on in Fort Myers Florida the name is Blink Aesthetics and you can follow us and Instagram at blink Aesthetics with an a
you have an amazing work we have artists are very passionate we love what we do we'll take care of anybody feels like you don't owe me anything that you can look at an art Instagram
one of the things that if people can see later is that I actually don't have a lot of hair in my head and we do my location on the scalp makes it look like Sherlock
I don't know and I also think you teach right I help people get recertified people into getting it if they don't have a Florida license partner with two different schools to get the Florida state license Prosthetics and refer them to since you mention that micropigmentation so what you're saying is when you're a little ball man maybe I mean yes yes yes then you help could use
pigmentation or herself over here and we've been so good with anything right on some it's great with no to sherline Crown area if people had surgeries like facelift scars they want us to cover up easy okay yes so it's also like you said for those who have I'm scars and things that have happened for surgery
yeah yeah yeah but you help with that which is great so I know you're in a long-distance type of relationship how does that work
you don't back in the day people used to write letters that they would wait months for the letters a, you know it was like I always do 2020 FaceTime with you know sex toys that are remote control receiver apps that
you can leave them drop messages that are the are on GPS
it's it's it's very much easier and all the formula yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yeah it sounds
yes something with all this health issues going on how it's affecting everyone and yeah and how much were talking about it was he was just closeness because of health issues now people have to be a little distant work no more hugs just to let you know we're here Overstock antiviral wipes your relationship you guys see each other pretty often and you're staying with distance relationship because we have so many different types of communication techniques
yes and be successful and see Hammond Ashley been to so many countries together and it's always like a honeymoon when we see each other. I would say three weeks the longest and we do normal things at home go to Lowe's
I think this was one of the things that you can just briefly mention but it's so important is that you are here and he is the same way and it said that you guys are confident in yourself even more than me. Yes yes and you feel beauty and yeah and you feel sexy and being confident
and helps in a relationship because you don't come off as needy I think when when people are too needy relationship number when I was single I would always
the human characteristics and so we always like the chase but if your partner is confident and you still okay I still have to be in my game to keep my boyfriend or you know it keeps it exciting who takes care of yourself who who is Stone on the Aging when it comes to pleasing you and make you feel all the time
yeah and so the other aspect that it's making you a relationship very healthy is that you guys have a little bit of distance and so you're able to do things come together share what you do you know it's not always your Aunt on top of one another or expect him to fulfill all you need is a lot of times people say that it's it's hard for a lot of trust when you're doing long distance away 6 hour difference half the time I'm sleeping when he's awake and have the time I see no
it was awesome. Like I said you are confident you still beautiful don't get that like oh my God her is are you looking for other people or where did you go a yes yes
cuz I know you mentioned earlier about time we have all these different instruments to communicate and I guess he went to track people but it does that does that really work and tracking people in your relationship tracking your partner
I have a GPS thing because I just want to make sure you say it's kind of like
sounds like a very healthy relationship and so I'm assuming you hear a lot of stories about relationships thing and you probably hear some of the healthy ones and some of the unhealthy ones can you send me three signs that that do all these years of experience in the beauty salon in the stuff in the center of I'm listening to women and just people in general talk about relationships what are three signs of a healthy relationship three signs of an unhealthy relationship
okay so extensions in the salon setting number one would probably be sex like I don't hear stories about penis or no sex I feel like it's not a strong relationship be proud of your partner I mean it you know what I mean if it's if it's out
there are a lot about financial bragging about me and you you know about Super Bowl
is the general happiness they come in there with no problems are Tapia
they're not always about you ask about me just because I'm all about them their times per hour
do it about three signs of unhealthy
so what
gun shooting number one is to stay have affairs and I have to be there Alibi number if you would
when I see them and they're not dressed up or they are look like a why aren't you helping me help you and the number would be them crying in my bed I want to sometimes come to you and maybe they've had a black eye or something that has to be covered up unless they're really close to me why yes yes yeah it's so it's good that they are able to open up to you
yeah and it stopped yes okay we're going to take a short little break and and and when we come back we're going to you I have you tell us some tips on how to increase our Beauty and so on our short break today what I want to talk about is we have a new sponsor Adam and Eve and I don't know if you guys have ever gone to Adam and Eve but the great store online that has a lot of different toys and a variety of different things you can do but you can get almost we have a contract with them that for one item you can get 50% off if you use the code VIP and Adam and Eve has a lot of stuff a lot of free stuff on there for more information about Adam and Eve and what they do go to the W W and also you can find more information about them on my website of bringing intimacy back
what was that we're back on the show or back talking about beauty and intimacy with her and run the show where it's missing its real and so can you give us some tips on how can we can increase our Beauty intimacy
fluted things don't you
so of course anything to do with physical changes will definitely help with with Beauty and the rest I would see this number one so
I would say
contact your nearest beauty professional that you trust not just some random stranger I mean like a hairdresser that you know that's really good and just you know what I need and don't tell me anything just tell me what you think I need to physically and you know having a healthy lifestyle you know like I start doing low carbs and if you just changed me and changed my body and then and so whether it's not official things you know it could be something like you know I have a healthy diet change you physically or something to do with your bald spots where you don't need more lashes
call important I wanted to show people that you can still look natural my face right now, and then number number two number two is your mental
confident you know that I appreciate the things that happen to you late late yes I got my lashes done but why am I so appreciate your your original Beauty not the extension
once you get remembered was when I was gaining weight also I would start having sex with my end up on because I was like
and so now I've course I'm really comfortable taking my shirt off while having sex so those are like the thinking about sports make changes are or start identifying I guess
and then
I don't know because you do have such a strong presence a lot of people there do you watch a certain thing on YouTube or or how do you how have you gotten that mindset of like hay
what are millennials I think we're we're very entitled people and star Jeffree Star insists he's not transfer he's just himself very confident the makeup blogger I like the drama and I followed Nikita dragun she's a makeup
I also think that it's the way you
not that you're beautiful just like you're saying I'm gay you know that I thought were intersections I just kind of like thoughts myself like you know what bay help me mold me into my personality type me with myself show
yeah and I think when it's thinks you just said is acceptance is key because some people many people even struggle with accepting the color of their skin or yeah or their sexual preference are ya just a variety of things in today's world you know where is some sort of a barrier to having sort of a
acceptance you know I never
thought I was Asian and only
until like this times where I feel like okay I guess I'm I just thought I was I was in America
I was just waiting since I would say until we know exactly who they are because it's we're so divided so sometimes you think it still struggles yeah one of the things that I think you mentioned earlier which is really great is to traveling to be around different people I mean that helps tremendously to be around people that have different than you so we were we were we were
stayed looking at me like know how are you doing different things and trying different things
I've been going black but I was going to say something
I drink a lot of coffee so I was ready
yes you have been sober in that group I'm about to wrap up is there anything that you want to share with our audience that I haven't asked or talked about
she was talked about most everything but I don't know what I did make a list so he is beside very beautiful very intelligent are you ever going to heal there's always different modalities and a lot of times within the deck
in the news. Lost hope into fixing or finding Solutions that's one thing I forgot to tell people that when it comes to you know physically altering the whole skin care is extremely important cuz I know some of us including myself I was being honest and that aspect we think about putting makeup on and all this other stuff by we don't really think about the skin care
yes and it's also never house whatever your liver is what your skin is so make sure you're great inside so what's up you outside
oh my God I keep turn black so I just just thinking about something amazing and then like oh my God
which is very important is
we have to be careful and be very cognitive of what we eat and what we drink like to Dig Inn in out to get new skin but it's really from what's inside that will come out once we dig in there like serums and stuff like that like some microneedling is a procedure where you're using microneedles volume up on millimeters
toner is important a lot of spicy chips do you by any chance if someone is thinking the listening and they're like oh how I would like to connect with your mom and maybe get some tips or ideas or suggestions where can I reach you on Instagram now so if you have an Instagram follow me personally the one I don't hire people to talk for me I personally will text you back and give you anybody in my head
or you can also call sc-39 area code +85-049-763-9850 497 my Instagram Aesthetics thank you so much for being it's been a pleasure to have you yes yes please look him up please check out his website cuz you do have a website at ww.w yes Jerome we love having you and we welcome you back in the show anytime thank you so much for bringing intimacy back show where intimacy is will see you guys next time thank you

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