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Bringing Intimacy Back, August 5, 2021

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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Hostile Therapy Collaboration

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown

Episode: Hostile Therapy Collaboration

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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welcome to the bring intimacy back show we are intimacy is real if you desire to intimately connected with yourself your significant other children and family friends community and your higher power this show is for you that's we explore internet topics inspiring life story spirituality and insightful tips on strengthening relationships this show is hosted by dr. April and her co-host dr. Kelly now let's get this episode of the bringing intimacy back show started because we share with you the secret power to intimacy to create a life you love or love the life you create now here's your host dr. April and tell host dr. Kelly
Scott Disick knocked out there
phone call
put on Stephen A it's going okay man how you doing
I'm here to get a few things off my chest supposed to be at his birth I was supposed to follow three wise men follow the North Star and we're supposed to bring me and breaking things I got caught up in traffic if I didn't talk about the number one pick of the Washington Wizards in 2001 know he wasn't he was garbage he was a scrub
to say anything else what big blacks for me
he was an okay player it'll be ostentatious at the least it was a number one pick in the NBA he was only a teenager when he made it come on, that's why it's going to the back of my head and kicking my own ass has to say about me
well I'm too busy listen to your Podcast Thursday at 7 p.m. on Spotify thanks for the shout-out could you hold on for a sec I got another call coming in
what's going on red you bitch ass mother fucker. Come on what's up big deal with your skin looking like the SunnyD bottle in front of refrigerator light at its brightest okay, I'm on the phone right now man what do you want when you want to talk about what's up I'm going to take a basketball shoot and Shove It Down Steven Ace throat
well I happen to be on the phone with Stephen a man would you like to talk to him
oh you got them on the line to put his bitch-ass on the phone
Steven A
we go back a long way you are the one
but if you ever leave me on hold for 18 hours
43 minutes and 18 seconds I will have you suspect it from the NBA and irascible
what I got Kwame on the line man would you like to talk to him
I know you got kid
did you say his hairline you say I go on TV with this every week Jonas yeah I was just calling to see about eight nine months now you know you can still go to the hairline again on TV and brush this every week and smile about it I think you're going to hurt my feelings talk about my hairline for crying out loud
Kwame Brown but I'm going to give you some of this Mama's cooking you keep running your damn mouth
64 Walnut Grove New York New York meet me there if you think I'm scared we'll see who's gay
why would you do that that wasn't smart
not smart Steven A
don't show up
all right get some of Mama's cooking
I didn't hear any of this
yeah if you lost any of your hearing from all that yelling in the background from Steven A I apologize for that alright so everyone is turning into the podcast welcome my guest doctor April Brown of the podcast show bringing intimacy back she is a relationship intimacy and a certified Christian therapist and she is going to hopefully give us some wise advice on the show thanks for coming to the show you where you are just helping somebody prior before coming on here
okay okay now let's just start off with this then let's just give us some background how did you come about to get into this field what what brought about the inspiration for you don't want to get into this field well actually my backgrounds and accounting and finance I worked as an accountant for Domino's back in the day doing all the Tennessee stores connection for the same old thing everyday and it's just you know same old stuff until then I decided to have course have a family close working long hours and I actually had a dream that I felt like God was saying hey this is what you need to do the time of the people and I was like wait a minute I don't really like people I'm a very strong think so if I get in
Ed's I got it and I'm just been following through
how long how long have you been practicing it that's been like 24 years ago I think yeah I wish I was now now that I'm close I'm close to fifty and yeah but this was right before or right after my daughter was born but yeah have you okay this is a question I always like to ask therapist of any field because I don't know how I would handle it how do you handle cuz you have to hear people's problems most all day how do you take that internalize that take it home and not let that affect your personal life
so I learned early in life especially in working with children I used to be a guidance counselor I give it up to God I mean that's just how I do I do what I can do right here after that I can wash my hands of it say God that's your problem and I move on because it was his his choice for me to do this so I just have to show up for the hour
Andrew yeah yeah but I cannot take it home with me I mean do you ever take it to work with you is ever just like a days like
call here we go again I have to deal with Mary and her problems I do not feel like listening to today or is there a pep talk I'm good now I can deal with whatever comes my way if I'm not really doing good I cannot get there but in all honesty I have to call the day off because I cannot be fully present I'm working on whatever you're working on if I'm thinking about what's happening in my household or what's happening somewhere else so I do have to put a pep talk to my unit. Hey it's going to be okay do this you realize that a lot of people up a lot of shit going on I don't know if you know that is why I started yeah yes so it. Sometimes makes you thankful for your own problems
Dia appreciate people like you can see I have to do pep talks with myself just for going to the drive-through because I feel like whatever problem they're having at the drive-thru window is going to be put on me and the order I made exactly exactly so you have to have that specially as a therapist have to have that out you got to do self-care you know what I do talk about intimacy a lot okay and one of the intimacy is itself intimacy you really do have to know yourself to do self-care
you know if you're really helping other people even what you're doing yes so what would you tell somebody to help care for themselves before they go out in the outside world in any type of field working out because it's wet and you believe and this is extremely helpful for people under a lot of stress or for man whatever another sometimes people Journal journaling really good like when you really upset with say you're in a relationship and you really upset sometimes it's better to journal it out curse the person out on paper just got done writing this down destroyed of course I'll let them see it
put it out there you know I'm saying you just release it because especially in relationships when you're working with someone I can have a regular job and you are upset with them you don't usually just
spit out what you want to say you think about it and all that when you get home sometimes you get upset with the person and you just let it all fly and really that person you should show your best customer service that yeah yes some people paint some people do music sing dance you know I'm saying just too for self-care some people go and get their nails done I mean I get my nails done but I don't see any self-care but yeah it's what makes you relax
weather tomorrow start what do you do to make that makes you relax the old show Sopranos years too late to watch it but I was working out that's another thing I do if I can and I don't get a lot of it sleep yes yes yes yeah I kind of explain it to people in the Mental Health Counselors also so when you don't when you awake right now there are these automated workers that are doing everything you go to sleep
the repair is come in and they put everything back but when you don't sleep it's like I'm going to TJ Max on a Black Friday where things are everywhere that's what happens when you don't sleep because you don't allow the repaired chance enough to put everything back
we're we're trying to find something for self-care some people mistake home for activities for self-care like overeating drinking because of the outside getting into fights I don't know I'm just thinking the makeup stuff on the spot but some people can't tell the difference between what is negative for themselves and what's a positive thing what kind of advice would you give somebody who can't differentiate differentiate between the two that means you're stuffing it you're taking something and is out to cating your mood to where you don't even resolved the issue and it causes you to be totally away from Hobbits like you withdraw from it
okay and then you have the side effects afterwards so that's one way of making it that it's not healthy
like when you avoid it
is probably one of the self cares that I need to stay away from but sometimes I'm not feeling too good I pop a Reese's in better than drugs I don't know depends on how you look at it because you can overheat on Reese's to when your body as well
yeah a little bit of sweetness is not going to it's when your head becomes so much that you don't even get to accomplish the things that you need to when it starts hair other parts of your life gambling that's another thing that's like so what you're talking about when these things become problems as they become addicted
so I diction is something that you have a compulsory need to do that sometimes you wouldn't even skip the things that you have to do to do the addiction or you are all hiding you know then when they went out to fight fight about it or feel guilty you know some people you know different things can be gambling horn can be in addiction smoke eating yes
are you going to take a vacation in Paradise medication to rekindle the Russian vacation without the kids a vacation where you can learn how to communicate where you and your partner actually hear each other and game inside if so vacation counseling is your next vacation April Brown has created vacation Counseling in Southwest Florida as a perfect option for you and your partner will retrieve our one couple at a time we have a variety of packages available to choose from including virtual Couples Retreat if you and your partner interests in the vacation counseling please visit us at vacation for more information on pricing and packages also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep track of the latest news stories activities or coupons on vacation counseling and doctor referrals other services we encourage you to sign up to receive a monthly newsletter called intimate connection
dr. April Brown. Calm remember if you and your partner are struggling with communication and intimacy and you all are looking for a retreat to connect vacation counseling can be your next vacation in Southwest Florida
have you have you ever been through
a family I guess maybe asking you to help them do an intervention for problem
decimal as a addiction okay how do you go through it because I know they didn't show it on TV sometimes and then the person breaks down slide okay I'll go get help but I know where reality most people view you tell them they have a problem they're going to attack back like I don't have a problem you have a problem how do you carefully talk to someone to help them get them to go get help
so it depends what kind of relationship you have with that person even if you have a very say a toxic relationship and you bring a therapist and that's not going to help okay when they respect the person when it comes to class very loving that hey that this is something that may help the people on the change in all honesty people change when the pain
it's greater than the fear of change that's when people change
interesting title
Christian sex therapist I know automatically when people heard the first word Christian with it attached the sex therapist there like what does it can't be synonymous with each other because somehow we can't talk about that if we're Christians out I know you know there's a certain sick like that but they like give you some push back like we're not supposed to be talked about that because somehow it just doesn't exist even though that's how we came about on this planet do that what do you tell those naysayers Dad don't want you to have your title connected to Christianity
well number one God created sex
yes yes okay yes and then sex was not only just created to have children
right because if that's how God willing they created that we were a baby would pop out all the time right so I'm sex and is also for pleasure
okay I talked about sex many times I talk about use the word intimacy okay and when I talk about intimacy is into me you see it's being fully present sleighing
I'm with your partner being in that present moment Body Mind spirit and soul are connected together
that is what makes intimate connections and that's what God has for for us and once for us is that intimate connection
so that is what I I feel like I'm God told me is my mission is to talk about intimacy and the sense and when you are in a loving relationship and you have a self intimacy where you love yourself completely know yourself and you have that spiritual intimacy when you feel like you can connect with God and then you mix it in with I'm your partner and that sexual intimacy me imagine how big
that pleasure is I've been victims sometimes those orgasm since are when it's all connected
so what would you call sex without the spiritual intimacy with some other people may not be the terminology of God puts back in your inner Spirit that's inside of each of us
yeah but of course you can have sex without
you know of any kind of spiritual intimacy if that's how people have pleasure that's fine I'm just saying it takes it to a higher level and it said that you can't have it but I'm just saying ain't no higher level
I understand none of you looks like there's levels to anything and if you want to get to this level here it's nice to have a connection with the person you're having relations with what right cuz you can have sex with someone you don't even know how that is first have sex with someone you feel connected with another level cry from okay we'll come back to sexy and pretty soon let's let me go into marriage right quick question about it so what would you say
is the biggest impediment towards a marriage working
the studies of showed the number one reason why people actually get disconnected or divorce of break up its loneliness in a marriage that's a yes so long this could be you're both laying in bed and you're not even talkin you're not connected you both eating dinner there's no connection there loneliness can be cause for a variety of reasons you know it could be that those people are still stressed that don't know how to
connect are they don't want to share their burdens with the other person they are many time I see people is not even able to express their motion whether they were told as a man they couldn't express it or whether they were you know I'm abused as a child or something connection and you don't feel like I can tell my partner I'm hurting or you know that I'm having a bad day or even that something is good that's happened to me
oh you don't feel like my partner actually hears me
you know and that is loneliness and whatever you said that's where sex is only real sex without a connection is going to kill you but so far
I get that I get that so has there ever been a I don't know if you're supposed to do this or you posed to be always positive when it comes to this is ever been a couple without physical abuse being involved when you just told I know you shouldn't get married don't don't even go through therapy this is not for you
so I do an assessment
with the other couples that come through and it's through gartman okay and it looks at everything from of course sex but goes friendship how you guys understand each other rules and all this kind of stuff and it's Max's people up
okay and it comes to need to graduate
sometimes couples come to me and their everything's all red
and sometimes well I will say to them
it's that we see this and maybe you two may need to look at whether this right here needs to end
and maybe you two may need to think whether you want to start a new relationship with that person or not but no relationship with that person or not when you put it that way they look and they say sometimes it to you know what this is a lot of work
you know I would not connect it and sometimes it's a lot of verbal abuse going on and they say I don't want it and then this other side said you know what we've been together for 20 years and there's been so much I'm throwing shed your thoughts yet I'm going to delete this and moves for and the other person yes we want to start in it we don't even want to go back and figure out who did what any more we want the tools how should we communicate so many times this stuff happens when people would I call get flooded
so when something negative happens to a person sometimes we don't know what to do
we need to shut down not talk to anyone
or like you said in and something else or we take it out on the person is verbal think just comes out
I when people a flooded they cannot hear one another they cannot connect
so one of the things I do work in helping couples or even individuals that when you start to feel upset and get flooded it's okay for you to go in a timeout
tell your partner hey I love you so much I'm going to take a time out
sure that's hard to do this part hard to do in the Heat of the Moment
I see couples
there are getting together for 20 and 30 years and I'm like what could have changed that drastically or what could you have not known about your mate in those two to three decades but now all of a sudden these like I cannot do this anymore
usually seems like it's after the kids leave too I wish I was turned around but you know that maybe when you got into the relationship you were funny and all this kind of stuff and then life happens and now all the sudden you don't even know yourself anymore
you know you're not supplying but all anymore not hanging out with your friends you're not laughing anymore you just going to work bringing home the paycheck going to work bring on the paycheck
how do you get the how do you get that back and then it says you know what I want something different I deserve something different
let me start loving myself as much as I love everybody else that's self intimacy okay that's not being selfish being selfish and being narcissistic is when we put ourselves above others but many of us put ourselves below so doing that once you start taking care of yourself I don't know if you've noticed big red that people treat you the way you treat yourself
okay. Is that yeah except drive-thru cashiers but back to the gym let me go call my friends and this. You know laughing let's go sometimes even as a couple let's get out a date let's go and stop doing the same old shit that you're in and day out don't you something
yeah let me see what's got to come back of course yes it's your listening you have a pulse if you have a pulse you have stress if you have stress you should get a therapist how do you find a therapist you go online type in therapist near me then you find a list of letters l m HCL PC and CC how can you navigate and understand all this go to doctor Kelly dr. Kelly specializes in supporting people who suffer from Stress and Anxiety burnout and more you can have help today dr. Kelly
you know what I think is one of the things that kind of hurts marriage over time and it's not really a fault of the other person is okay let's say the person to a couple have been together for twenty years people change and you're dealing with the same person in and out and then for 10 years whatever and then all of a sudden they have some sort of changed mentally about how they handle things or how they process things and the guy or girl just know how to handle that and they fall out of love because I like this ain't the person I fell in love with in high school right beside the the soda machine Side High School
so I don't do it that I think that's a huge issue because people don't know how to handle the change cuz it sometimes I did email you would be gradual or it might be quick and sometimes let's say you marry someone and the woman was are you still there I'm sorry I missed someone and the women of in the beginning she was very quiet she just didn't she accepted everything you said you know I'll pretend now 10 or 15 years later she's a boss she's gone back to school she's got a whole lot of opinions now how do you handle this
that you're not the person I used to like use agree with everything used to like going to Italian restaurants and now you only want to go to Popeyes by the workout now exactly sometimes you can work through things in therapy
and sometimes it was part of the journey
not all relationships are going to lie so if your relationship last 10 years and you know it didn't work out that's okay that's just mean it failed it just means that you guys grew up on
you know and when you are working extremely hard you should be able to feel safe at home I feel love to be appreciate it
do you ever give that advice to some of your couples in like okay maybe you've reached the in the road yo it's not really nothing you can do y'all just grew apart is it that's not a bad thing so as if they're we don't know how can I put it I feel the answers are with it ok do I'm going to ask you questions show you different things help you find that but sometimes couples do realize this because it's specially if your kids are watching so if you're saying to myself and it wouldn't if I say to you is this the kind of marriage you want your girls ask your daughter to have what me what would you tell her and then we like I'll tell her to leave I would have liked it
then why you
ya te supere ya but then I say auntie worth it
is it yeah yeah if it's yeah if you say yeah my daughter could but I can't
and sometime it's giving people the tools in the skills to know how much they're worth
yeah that's definitely need it before people going to Michelle and I get married we can pay a pastor to marry us about that today about marriage and it's like okay let me make sure I don't miss Cory is like marriage is not something you go into it something you create along the way work right it's not something that's you know you don't have to work at it you have to work at it and you have to prioritize your marriage
because there's going to be things are going to be people there's going to be even children yeah yeah and if you put all these things before your marriage or fastest so let's go let's go with last year last year 2020 we all know the big story there was a huge uptick in divorces last year people just like it got to spend time with each other they didn't have work to distract them the kids with home anxiety maybe grew around last year
what what kind of advice did you give two couples last year that we're just going through it and simply could not stand each other all of a sudden in 2020 like so sometimes if couples become sewing match where they spend every minute together you know and sometimes in the millennial generation you feel like your partner has to be everything to you my best friend my nurse my best. When that happens there is no air and when there's no air there's no passion
so you have to find ways to give yourself space
you know to have because if we're both looking at each other every day and there's nothing else going on we have nothing new to bring to the table
they had no stories to tell about what happened at work because Mark was at home and everybody pretty much and this is the bad news is pretty much always negative all the time so that's pretty much all you had to bring to your spouse like yeah the numbers and Kobe spiked again I don't know what we're going to do
not exactly exactly so for some couples that did not make it through that others found ways to be creative to have their own little friend group where there is you know a zoom dance group you know was a partner goes to that yeah yeah just something you can go out on dates last year you couldn't go parties or anything last year I got to be stuck with you I mean I'm already stuck with you contract by law marriage but now I have to see you every day and we can't go anywhere to release any of this anxiety or anger that we have for what is going on exactly
and we had a lot of us went through a lot of fun stuff with even just a black lives movement just a variety of stuff and if you couldn't feel connected with your spouse
play it's the same thing saying they were kids I mean all the time I mean we haven't paid them anymore yes yeah definitely with
people wore in polygamous relationships or marriages do you work with them okay how is that what's the success rate for that regular marriage okay so Holly which is means this more than one more than two people in a relationship and his dad are intimate type of relationship with this a lot of responsibilities okay that they all share in the household at the Poly vs open relationship means it's more than likely just a sexual thing and those type of relationship versus such a marriage you have to have tons of communication you cannot be in a regular married to think of my God we're not doing good let's open up our marriage because that's going to be a disaster because in both of those things have to be honest
and have a lot of open communication much harder and you don't have to tell everything but here it's got to be completely honest who does wide who sleeps where you know all this kind of different stuff yes yes it kind of depends in the sense you have a community that helps with that and that communication yeah of course how different people's belief systems Because of You entering to poly an open relationship and you are
let's say a jealous person or person that really likes just one-on-one attention it's not going to work for you
work as well in other cultures it does can you be a broke person and five high five six figures the building 1 cuz I just can't see Valentine's Day coming up and Mother's Day is coming up and all his birthday is coming up and the kids involved and it's all coming out my pocket besides that and I don't want to work that hard at our relationship was the reason why I couldn't do it but what if you had two women who were taking care of you and they did the work and all you didn't have to do is sit home and have him so much he's going to be upset maybe one maybe two people that day and I don't have the patience I don't have a patient if they had to go home to that I know some of them
I've Seen On TV any way they may live near each other and living just different houses but it's like you know hey I'm here on Monday here I'm here on Tuesday
no I can barely organize my life I can't organize other people's life like that so it's not for me I don't hate on anybody and that's the policy prevents sometimes people just open up their relationship like swingers it seems like since I can't fulfill this part of you that I don't know whether a sexual or whether something emotional that you need I'll allow you to go be with somebody else but I'm not changing or doing anything extra to fulfill that so go be with him while I stay at home and watch the game and open up the other
probably most of the guys on that one probably isn't it yeah I just got it would you ever be in a poly relationship work now will be your reasons why you wouldn't be one organization and I'm not interested in that at all is a bunch of gifts
and it just comes in for the sex and that's it there's no yes okay and maybe some food to tell you if you would like to call in live to show you can do that on Thursday at 7 p.m. the phone number for that is 323-395-0206 and you can find a live stream on the Facebook fan page hostile therapy podcast and the YouTube page hostile therapy with big red and now let's not waste any more time and get you back to your therapy session and back to the show
okay here's an interesting question
cuz I try to look through things that might of
increase the voice of the past 50 years and here's one I don't know people including their studies but I do think Electronics with being phones laptops and tablets taking away intimate time when the person is right beside you like an S played a huge part in destroying relationships exactly exactly and messing up families so as a couple or even as a family having some Time Guidelines about what do you do with these phones I know it's hard sometimes for people including myself what businesses but you have to learn how to shut it off at a certain time
and not let it out you know or for those people who are not only the young people but I know 50 years old get so consumed with Tik-Tok and all this other stuff
I hate Ron explain to people 60 and above what Tik-Tok is
I think you just neglected person that's next to you
I don't but it can but I try not to I'll say I'll try not to laugh I can't say I never have but I tried and I tried to get away from it even with it not even with social media social media is name of the biggest I may have apps or I just maybe on Google looking up stuff why is I don't know what the deal yellow or something I don't know just random stuff and that's why I started my podcast called bring an intimacy back because of Technology because I felt like since I would see couples that even family that dinner and instead of at a restaurant looking at each other and talkin phones
the missing on the phone was right in front of the moment is gone it's gone that's the only thing you have control of this right now and your present moment many times would not here like sometimes our minds are thinking about what we should have done earlier that day or the dishes we need to do you know
Body Mind spirit and Soul at the same
yeah cuz he would then people try to end up doing dishes and clothes while on the phone and doing all this other stuff at the same time
write an Indian in the washing the whites with colors that has impact on the people come about many sexual problems sometimes even just fixing that one thing up of you know that when you're with your partner that you actually there
you're not thinking about
other things
right so what were the answer to what would be the answer to that because I think a lot of people are actually addicted we were talking earlier about people find things to help themselves to phones tablets can be one of them went out of Jesus for this means being in the present moment without judgment so of course be in the present moment and I'll talk about that. Judge made me not judging yourself either
okay yes so if you're truly being intimate or being present your their body Mind and Spirit so if you're somehow you're in terminal you're with someone and I thought comes across it takes you somewhere else you know what about the dishes you've got to learn to use your five senses and bring you back to the present moment find five things you can see four things you can smell three things you can taste you things you can hear but bring yourself back to the present moment and four women sometimes
moms who so busy when they're supposed to be making love to their husband sometimes there's no more for the mind to go somewhere else and then I can like it's painful I didn't have an orgasm guys like it just felt like you laid there
and that destroys the spiritual connectivity I'm guessing to you
ok Google stuff that okay let me ask you about have you heard of this guy named Kevin Samuels I thought you might have heard him I was going to ask you your opinion about him these this relationship expert guy that's been like burning the internet over the past couple months or so he just has people called on to the show Mostly women call in to the show and they ask questions about how they get a high-value man and a high-value man for what I understand if somebody makes six figures and above and he pretty much as could teach them kind of like Simon Cowell critiques Talent on American Idol why they can't get a high-value man
text Kristen I asked nothing to do with the matter what they think spiritually and mentally or how smart they are just pretty much how much money they make and they pretty much just grades the women that go on the show he tells them write themselves between one and ten you can't use the number 7 that sits long has rules and ten being the highest what would you rate yourself
usually they write themselves in 06 or something 8 with he said it would be like Kelly Rowland or Beyonce or something like that and then he goes on a tirade and he tells on this is why no one wants you to buy you man I never get it though they always seem to understand don't call this guy shows he's going to read you and but this is how he became famous because he'll go up there and he's at these every time you go up there and then because he doesn't hold anything back at all. He says he's worse than Simon Cowell's I get Simon & Simon Cowell was on HBO in a rated R movie that would be Kevin Samuels looks like those girls don't know their worth
end up calling to ask someone else
what am I yeah cuz they're all trying to saying you're all trying to get married and he's supposed to be a consultant and advisor to help them get their his is going to tell them what they need to do or if they can't even do anything to get that point and he lays it on thick how I wish you had Kevin Samuels and just see what you think about him see you with your pee most people don't have a favor and opinion of them if they're women that worship him to tell me what my worth is that's what I thought it was talking about the beginning about that stuff intimacy you got to know your work
yeah and that's how you portray and get the men that that you want
it's called The Law of Attraction what you put on atmosphere you get back
true first how we're going to finish is I am going to give you three words when I give you these words I just want you to describe to me in a couple sentences how they make you feel okay no problem okay the first word imma give you a call just one imma give you one at a time okay, give you is love how does that work make you feel
am I able
okay alright next word I got for you is wisdom
wisdom intelligence also makes me think of spiritual the spiritual wisdom of the higher power letting me know things going on
it makes me feel blessed
okay and the last word I have for you
is happiness
happiness how do you feel when you hear that word so I also love intimate
OK Google good alright so that will be the conclusion of the day show I like to thank you dr. April Brown of the podcast bringing into some intimacy back I'm flooded I'll say it again rewind thank you dr. April Brown of the podcast bringing intimacy back yes got it right thank you for coming on the show would you like to go give us some dates or things that you may be appearing on in the near future that way people can find you at I'll bring it to the seat back and you can search it and find it also I have a book called and proven is missing and a book that's out on Amazon and I'm starting in July will have a second book which is selfishness in spiritual intimacy so yes if you're an Acer think that I would love all your listeners to know about it
something called vacation counseling if you are a struggling and not getting intimate enough or with communication on motion call check out the case in counseling we will help you with that if you and you have a vacation so you come down here to Southwest Florida we provide services and you have a vacation if you need to find out more information about me and other services on check out w w Dr a book Brown Tuesday r a p a l i l Brown like the check me out and your podcast besides you too but do you have any on any other platform yes check it out because a lot of y'all needed you may not want to admit it but a lot of y'all need some therapy weather is
dealing with relationships or sexual partners whatever you need therapy just like I do nothing wrong with it break the stigma that we don't need therapy we can just work it out on our own all the time like to the therapist is not judgmental and we help you find the answers within you so if you want to be a better person definitely check us out. Okay I'm getting thank you for coming on the show thanks for everybody join us for hostile therapy not because you wanted but because you needed will see you on the Knicks podcast on Thursdays at 7 p.m. thanks for joining us

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