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The Author and Artist Hour, November 22, 2022

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The Author and Artist Hour
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Guest, Patrick Greenwood, Author, Cybersecurity blogger, and freelance writer

The Author and Artist Hour with Kez Wickham St George and Toni Lontis

Guest: Patrick Greenwood, Author (Sunrise in Saigon Launching 12 12 2022), Cybersecurity blogger, and freelance writer,


"Happiness is not a commodity in life"

Some questions and topics we shall cover in this interview:


  1. What does this quote mean to you?

  2. Let’s talk about Vietnam and the Vietnam war. How has your experience as a young man impacted your life?

  3. How were your recollections of the war contextually different from the historical accounts or were they similar?

  4. The characters in the book Jack Kendall and Lingh Ngo shed light on the toxicity than can exist in relationships in real life. Why was it important to you to write about these relationships in this way for the book? How hard was it to do this?

  5. War leaves scars on the people and the country. What do you remember of the end of the war and what it was like for you and for the Vietnamese people? What are the most evident scars of the war you see today across Vietnam?

  6. Can you tell me about the Catholic nuns and “operation baby life”.

  7. Patrick you are an avid cyclist, how does cycling fit into your life now? helmets for Kids in Vietnam.

  8. What was the catalyst for deciding to write the book? Is there significance around the launch date of the book?

  9. You have a wonderful promotion Patrick - what is Proceeds from Patrick's book and espresso coffee sales go to "helmets for Kids in Vietnam."

  10. How can people connect and contact you?


Proceeds of the book, coffee and mugs sales will go to the Helmets for kids In Vietnam. An organization promoting safe cycling for kids. The coffee is website is - discount code is Toni for 35% all coffee and mugs.


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The Author and Artist Hour

The Author and Artist Hour with Kez Wickham St George and Toni Lontis
Kez Wickham St George

Kez is ever the storyteller and a popular speaker at many local events; However mentoring others to tell their stories has become a large part of Kez’s life, running creative writing workshops for those that have a story to tell.

Encouraging and mentoring others to follow their passion for writing has resulted in four of her writing protégés becoming published authors. Kez also invites published authors in fiction to contact her, as she enjoys introducing their work to Facebook and Instagram by video.

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