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Transition Radio Show, December 25, 2017

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The Art of Holiday Happiness
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with Sandra Millers Younger, Gary Sinclair, and Dr. Jonathan Smith

Today we discuss reducing stress during the holidays and tips and strategies for bringing more joy into your life.


Our first guest, Sandra Millers Younger, shares her story of surviving through the 2002 San Diego wildfires and her ComeBACK Formula for transforming crisis into possibility.

Our second guest, Gary Sinclair, is a leader in energy medicine and shares his outlook on love and healing, as well as his latest work, Soul Link, which produces 100% successful results for neutralizing PTSD memories in seconds.

Our third guest, Dr. Jonathan Smith, talks about living a longer, healthier, and more sustainable life, as well as the lack of necessary focus on health maintenance versus health care.


We Discuss:

  • Strategies for reducing stress and bringing more joy during the holidays
  • Finding happiness after disaster
  • Sandra’s experience in surviving a wildfire and her process of recovery
  • The hardest part of the comeback journey for disaster survivors
  • The ComeBACK Formula – 5 steps to transform crisis into possibility
  • Exercising choice over response
  • Using the LIVE Formula to avoid making mistakes that can cost you your life
  • The concept of “love living” rather than “love seeking”
  • Using energy medicine and memory energy therapy to neutralize bad memories
  • Good health – why we need it and how we can obtain it
  • The 3 determinants of good health
  • Asking doctors the necessary questions about prescribed medications
  • Spending on health maintenance versus healthcare

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Guest, Gary Sinclair

Guest Name
Gary Sinclair
Guest Occupation
Speaker, author, and leader in Energy Medicine, and founder of META, the Memory Energy Therapy Association
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Gary Sinclair is a speaker, author, and leader in Energy Medicine as his latest work Soul Link, is producing 100% results in neutralizing PTSD memories in seconds as even his Medical Peer Review shows. Gary is the founder of META, the Memory Energy Therapy Association and has three Lifetime Achievement Awards for his four decades of research work. Gary is now certifying practitioners in his life changing healing techniques which includes Soul Link and a two day program called Restoration that does the same neutralizing to your entire life.

Transition Radio Show

Transition Radio...because everyone is either moving away from something or going toward something. Life is full of changes and with every change comes loss, even if it is a positive change like moving to a better home or getting married. Whenever change comes something must be upheaved or left behind and that creates loss and the normal, natural response to loss and grief.

Our show seeks to give you the information and the tools to make the changes you're going through smoother, easier and more life-enhancing. We look forward to you joining us on Transition Tuesday each week where we promise hot topics, engaging guests and always laughter and fun.

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