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Adventures In Truth Podcast, May 9, 2020

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Adventures In Truth Podcast
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FEAR not! There is Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself!

Adventures In Truth Podcast with Dr Jeffrey Smith and Jim Case

FEAR not! There is Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself!

In this episode Jim and Dr Jeff go all in to illuminate fear. Kind of sounds like an oxymoron! Your Truthologists dive deep to clarify what fear is, where does it come from, what's it's purpose is. Fear has many faces and all of them are an illusion. Please do not confuse fear with the feeling of danger. They are not the same. There is only Love or the absence of it. Fear is a created experience used to stimulate, instigate and propagate unworthiness.

There is only Love. Deviations from that experience create resistance or tension. We have decided to label these deviations as a way of defining our experience. In actuality we are better off NOT defining. Keep it simple! When we realize we are feeling something other than Love, we also recognize we have moved out of the warmth and light of Love to the manufactured experience of cold and darkness- separate from Love. Change your focus and attention to that which brings you back into alignment with Love.

Fear is a choice. A choice of separation and unworthiness. Let's choose differently!

Ready to dive in?

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Adventures In Truth Podcast

About Adventures in Truth Podcast

Hi, we are Dr. Jeff and Jim, and we are the creators and host of Adventures in Truth Podcast

This podcast was birthed by the desire to explore, expand, share and hopefully better understand Truth in all its forms. Each week we strive to dive as deeply as possible into the core concepts, beliefs, ideas, consciousness and understandings we have about our experience being human in this time and space reality. We want to stimulate YOU to grow, evolve and transform through a deeper understanding and clarity about who you are and why you are here.

Mission: Stimulate The Discovery of, and Tap Into The True Knowledge

In Order To Know Who We Are, We Have To Understand Our Truths...

The mission of Adventures in Truth Podcast (AiT) is to stimulate the discovery of, and tap into the true knowledge of self of, our Self, and our unlimited potential. AiT promotes living our lives in a state of what we call Universal Truth.

In order to know who we are, we have to understand the truths/beliefs we have aligned with. This clarity leads to greater awareness of and understanding about our core beliefs. The process of knowing our true Self begins with understanding the truths/beliefs that we've learned and accepted to be true in our experience. Consistently; and paradoxically, these truths/beliefs we attach to are actually distortions of Universal Truth.

What to expect from Adventures in Truth Podcast

We will bring our best and most insightful Selves every episode. We will bring more than mere intellectual stimulation. We want this to be an experience of the full mind- your intellect, your emotions and your spirit. You can expect us to boldly adventure into the quest of understanding our full human experience. Expect Transformation.

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