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The Hostile Zone, January 10, 2024

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The Hostile Zone
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Eric Cinotti & Bianca Sea: Dynamic Duo

The Hostile Zone: "Intellect & Iron: Conversations at the Crossroads of Law, Leadership, and Life"

On Air Talent & Host Eric A. Cinotti leads thought-provoking discussions on today’s pivotal issues. This week, we delve into the complexities of global and domestic affairs. We analyze the latest developments in the Hamas ceasefire and hostage negotiations, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of Middle Eastern politics. We turn our lens to Portland, exploring the pressing issue of homelessness and the growth of encampments. On the international front, we examine the closure of the Eagle Pass entry by the U.S. Border Patrol and its implications for border security and humanitarian concerns. In the realm of health and leadership, we discuss Pope Francis’s recent health updates and his ongoing treatment with antibiotics. Back in the U.S., we tackle the groundbreaking news from Ohio, where a significant majority has voted to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution. In a move that highlights the importance of leadership in social services, we discuss the New Mexico Governor’s permanent appointment to the Department of Children and Families. Adding a lighter touch, R-Dub brings his unique challenge, inviting viewers to dare him to eat the nastiest candies or undertake outrageous tasks. And finally, we’re joined by the sensational Bianca Sea, who not only showcases her extraordinary vocal talents but also gives us an insider’s view of the entertainment industry. ‘Intellect and Iron’ is your go-to show for insightful, bold, and diverse perspectives on the issues that matter.”

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The Hostile Zone

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“The Hostile Zone” where Eric pulls back the curtain on corruption, waste, abuse, and fraud; especially public dollars and services. 

Eric A. Cinotti a legal scholar & professional academic, a professor, investigative journalist, commentator, who analyzes the U.S. Constitution, must know legal issues, the government, social issues, and MUCH-MUCH MORE. 

ERIC Speaks the TRUTH-JUST THE FACTS- Get Ready “That’s Life, Our Government, Our Society!”


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Eric Andrew Cinotti Navigates the Juvenile Justice System 

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