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The Hostile Zone, January 6, 2024

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The Hostile Zone 99.9FM KKTC
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Eric Cinotti & Bianca Sea: Dynamic Duo

“Dive into the riveting world of ‘The Hostile Zone’ with its third episode, where the dynamic duo of Eric A. Cinotti and Bianca Sea take the conversation deeper and bolder. Broadcasting every Monday to Friday at 9 PM MST on KKTC 99.9 FM New Mexico, this episode delves into the heart of contemporary issues with sharp analysis and fearless commentary. Tune in to the latest episode of ‘The Hostile Zone’ where hosts Eric A. Cinotti and Bianca Sea bring their unique New Jersey flair to the airwaves. This episode is packed with lively discussions, legal insights, and unexpected revelations. Join us as Eric uses his sharp legal acumen to unravel the complexities of an Alford Plea in criminal court versus settling out of court in civil cases, highlighting the strategic decisions behind each. He delves into the nuances of these legal maneuvers, explaining how they differ from a No Contest Plea, and sheds light on the often-overlooked aspect of governmental power in prolonged legal battles – a critical discussion on the misuse of tax dollars and the impact on defendants. The episode takes a lighter turn with some intriguing personal revelations. R-Dub confesses his crush on Nicole Eggert and his newfound fascination with Eva Longoria, showcasing the lighter side of the team. Meanwhile, Eric and Bianca share their love for New Jersey, drawing listeners into their world. Music is also on the agenda, with tributes to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and Billy Joel’s “My Life,” echoing the spirit of the New York Yankees and the legendary Derek Jeter. The episode also touches on the peculiarities of modern communication, discussing the oddities of unsolicited Facebook Messenger video calls. Don’t miss the engaging blend of humor, legal expertise, and captivating discussions, including whether Kenny devoured all the donuts and R-Dub’s ongoing journey. ‘The Hostile Zone’ isn’t just a show; it’s an experience, combining Eric’s intelligent wit and Bianca’s heavenly vocals. Be sure to catch every moment and subscribe on YouTube and all major platforms for this top 5% worldwide show, as acclaimed by Listen Notes.” JOIN THE MOVEMENT! TheHostileZone.ME YouTube: The Hostile Zone - Hosting Eric A. Cinotti @TheHostileZone Contact: Eric@EricAndrewCinotti.Com Facebook: Eric A. Cinotti - The Hostile Zone The Hostile Zone Fan Page Bianca Sea Bianca Sea - Official Instagram: BiancaSea_Official

The Hostile Zone

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“The Hostile Zone” where Eric pulls back the curtain on corruption, waste, abuse, and fraud; especially public dollars and services. 

Eric A. Cinotti a legal scholar & professional academic, a professor, investigative journalist, commentator, who analyzes the U.S. Constitution, must know legal issues, the government, social issues, and MUCH-MUCH MORE. 

ERIC Speaks the TRUTH-JUST THE FACTS- Get Ready “That’s Life, Our Government, Our Society!”


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Eric Andrew Cinotti Navigates the Juvenile Justice System 

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