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Lets Talk Corelicious Leave Room For Dessert Podcast

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Let’s Talk Corelicious Leave Room For Dessert Podcast:

Is a roller coaster ride of learning and unlearning, discovering yourself, and identifying what truly matters in life. Some years down the line, you will look back and smile at how you thought you might not get through it.

That’s when you will be proud of yourself for prioritizing your well-being and growth. You are the rockstar your family and kids look up to for light. Let’s develop in you the shine that brightens everyone around you with influencers, successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and more.

Today is the day when everything seems overwhelming, someone must remind you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and with rain come rainbows.

What seems difficult to swallow today is exactly where you will derive your strength from on the days to come.

I help you believe that you have everything it takes to turn your world around.

Let’s Talk Corelicious Leave Room For Dessert is a journey of realizing your true potential, and fighting life like the brave warrior that you are.

It is a reminder that you are greater than your fears and braver than you seem.

I will show you how the hurdles of today will build your tomorrow if you take the right road.

Your brighter future demands that you step up now and change the game for yourself.

Let’s help you grow and evolve with Let’s Talk Corelicious Leave Room for Dessert, because you owe it to your future self!

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Guest, Christopher C Herring

Guest Name
Christopher C Herring
Guest Biography
Christopher C. Herring is the Executive Director of Global Chamber Houston and San Antonio and serves as a leader for the Global Chamber Texas Steering Group. He was recognized by the US JAYCEES with a lifetime achievement award as one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) for his positive impacts to America. He joined an elite group of a little over 600 Americans since 1939 to include former Presidents Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford and John F. Kennedy, corporate tycoons Ross Perot, Henry Heinz and Nelson Rockefeller, and San Antonio native former US Secretary Henry Cisneros.

A sought after speaker & business consultant, Christopher is a premier national leader in business development, economic & workforce development, diversity and inclusion and entrepreneurship. As a retired US Air Force Officer, he brings complex problems to creative solutions from experiences serving as an executive in the for-profit, non-profit, academia and government sectors of America's economy.

Today Christopher C. Herring is President and CEO of River Walk Publishing, LLC, Past Chairman of the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce (TAAACC) and Past President/CEO of the Alamo City Chamber of Commerce. He is a certified Workforce Diversity Trainer through the Society of Human Resource Management. He is an Honorary Board of Director of Global Ties Iowa as Chris helped shape the organization's recruitment campaign of diverse candidates to serve in the Heartland of America. 

As the past Chairman of TAAACC, he advocated for over 250,000 businesses and 23 chambers of commerce in the nation's second largest economy with the goal to increase revenues and sales. Between 2011 and 2019, Christopher served three mayors as the Mayor of San Antonio's appointee to the Small Business Advocacy Committee (SBAC) overseeing and Chairing the Small Business Economic Development Advocacy (SBEDA) Program subcontracting goals. He was elected as the Chairman of the SBAC's 5-Yr Contracting Diversity Plan Accountability Subcommittee which is a law of the city of San Antonio.

Chris' story was captured by StoryCorps and their recorded conversation was entered into the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and in a special collection at National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, DC in 2016.