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Artist or Band Name
Phyturs for Christ

Watch and Pray was released on June 4th, 2022, on the Phy-Tur Records LLC label and is available where ever streaming music is sold.

Watch and Pray

Artist Name Phy-Turs for Christ

Additional Artists Featuring - Larry Barrett

Composer -

Leslie Lewis Barrett Producer

Wayne Lee Barrett Lyricist

Release Date 06/04/2022

Primary Genre - Spiritual    Secondary Genre Jazz Mood/Style Christian

Artist Sounds like Luther Vandross, R Kelly,

Artist Location United States - Illinois

Track Length 04:07 Studio Recording



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For Immediate Release: Watch and Pray This is the sophomore release by Phy-Turs for Christ. Although there is no rap on this project; this 4 song project takes you back to your Jazz and R&B roots with a Gospel coating for good taste. This project does not disappoint. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

ONLINE REVIEWS - Never Give Up “Christian Rockers Online CD Review-Phy-Turs 4 Christ "Never Give Up" Gospel Hip Hop 9-Tracks Release Date- Out Now Rating- 8.99 by C.W. Ross. This release features a very nice urban sound that is achieved through the mixing of Gospel and Hip Hop styles of music. The songs come to life with killer bass beats that will have your stereo speaker's woofers thumping with delight. Several of the song's lyrics found on the CD have a gritty edge to them. The CD is also filled with songs that offer hope for when times are tough and you’re searching for answers with song titles like: "The Lamb Of God," "Never Give Up, and "My God Wins The Battles." I'm a Rock 'n' Roller at heart but I kept finding my head bobbing along in rhythm with the song beats. If you're looking to experience some good urban music then you need to get yourself this release.”

For more information:

Phy-Tur Records LLC 15111 Marshfield Ave, Harvey IL. 60426

Phone 832-885-8311 Fax 866-885-5382

Watch and Pray (11.1 MB)
Believe Also In Me (12.28 MB)