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Soul Harmony
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The American band from Greenville South Carolina was founded in 2006-present as a neo-soul/funk, jazz band by one of the founding members (Luke "Duce Diamond" Tate,Sr.) as a additional act to the compilation album (Da' Mass Orche$tra "View from Hate-topia"). With his father David "Pap" Nance,Jr., James William Goodwin (deceased 2008), and older brother "The International" Tate Inc. of the super rap duo "Presidential Playerz". With James William Goodwin, Tate Inc. & Pap's previous experience on various church choirs, it was nothing for them to go to work on writing a album of this caliber. Other members would be added later to give this old tale made modern a new flair. These members would consist of the soulful voice of DunMega with a vocal range to hard to put into any category, his sister Sue Glenn singing alto and soprano, and XMS the youngest member of the group, and the youngest daughter of Tate Inc. With the powerful soul ballard "When she's gone", the colorful title track "Be strong", and the alternative story telling of "Count the ways". This album sure lives up to the hype of the critics. There's something for everyone, and way too many hits to name in this bio, but we hope you'll enjoy! God bless.