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Following up after months of performing, Big Boosta Is releasing his 5th solo project, ‘Till I Die (The Album).  The first single “’Till I Die” debuted on Streets 94.5 in Atlanta Ga.  The single began to spread throughout the South and up through the East Coast all the way to Shady 45 on Sirius satellite radio.  Big Boosta has performed with artist like Colonel Loud, Shawty Lo, Celo Green and many more.  The wait is finally over for  ‘Till I Die (The Album).  It is a reflection of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and a real look at reality from the streets to a business man in the music industry.  You have to hustle in this business if you want to be successful. Born and raised in Goldsboro N.C., Big Boosta is no stranger to hustling music.