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Shaman's Keep offers a glimpse into the mysterious world of the Shaman. What do they really do and how do they do it? What are Power Animals? Why do people need Soul Retrievals? And what in the world is a Psychopomp? Each week Caroline will discuss some of these topics and interview famous people in the world of Shamanism. You'll hear exciting stories about journeys out of body and into the Spirit Worlds, and amazing healings of body, mind, and spirit.

Shamanism is the oldest belief system in the world dating back more than 40,000 years, and it is just as viable today as it was in ancient times.

Tune in to learn about the compassionate Spirit Beings who want to help us, and who can bring about positive changes in our lives by removing obstacles, and healing karmic patterns and trauma.

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Guest, Patrick Pinson

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Patrick Pinson
Guest Occupation
Cedar Mountain Drums Founder, Gestalt Therapist, Stockbroker, Fund-Raiser, Consultant, Therapist, Drum Circle Leader, Drum Maker, Workshop Facilitator
Guest Biography

I created Cedar Mountain Drums following a Vision Quest after making drums as a hobby for two years.  I had previously been a Gestalt Therapist, stockbroker, fund raising consultant and play therapist. I have published many articles on drumming as an alternative to drugs and alcohol to achieve high states, and have led drumming circles for corporations such as Nike, The Design Management Institute, prisons, churches and rehabilitation houses. I lead weekly drumming circles here at our home. I also leads circles for men, personal growth groups, and travels doing shows and drum making workshops across the world.