Caroline King

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Caroline King
Caroline Wise King
Talk Show Host, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Stained Glass Artist, Healer, Counselor, Shaman

Caroline Wise King is a healer in the Shamanic Tradition, an ordained minister in the metaphysical field, a spiritual teacher, writer, and artist living in the desert southwest. She will draw from the many great teachers she has studied with such as Sun Bear, Dr. Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and Tom Brown Jr. to name a few. She will also be sharing from her many years of experience working with helping people lead healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives. She is passionately involved in helping educate people about the Oneness of all creation, and the urgent need for humans to return to a lifestyle of sustainability and to protect our natural resources for future generations. This means living with honor and respect for all the life forms that share this beautiful earth garden with us, or as the Lakota Sioux would say, "Mitakye Oyasin" - all our relations.