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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 16 May 2021

Healthy Families First with Dr Rachael Leah

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Healthy Families First addresses the inequalities of parent-child separation. 

Our format helps parents deep-dive into inequalities, recovery and legislation to control continual damage that mitigate a healthy balance of generational relationships.

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Dr. Rachael ("Ra'Kel") Leah Robertson
Author, Family Freedoms Activist, Speaker, Resource Development Guide, Cyber Security Expert, Director of The Cognitive Institute of Dallas

Dr. Rachael (pronounced Ra’kel) Leah Robertson has been on the Globe and Mail Bestsellers list and will begin touring internationally in 2019. Recent and most acclaimed for her title and release of Breaking Generational Curses: When Child Protective Services Takes Your Children: Canada and London have begun to notice! - Additionally, the Cognitive Institute of Dallas Board of Governance and Generation Thirty Publishing House Advisory Board thanks the Independent Book Publishers Association(IBPA) as a recent recipient of their award in 2018; Dr. Ra’kel Leah looks forward to future partnerships and collaborative projects. As an author, Dr. Ra’kel Leah has written manuals for corporate giants, co -branded human resource development guides, trained top executives in organizational change; and is a cyber security expert able to testify with Daubert training. Moreover, as an executive director of The Cognitive Institute of Dallas since 1999, her collaborative works have launched The Generation Thirty Publishing House. 

Conjointly, with the World Café Dr. Ra’kel Leah brings the #Me TOO conversation from Hashtag and anonymity to Ground Zero. As founder of this project, The Cognitive Institute of Dallas's working Board of Governance and Generation Thirty Publishing House is connecting with audiences to disseminate networks of conversation. According to the Meadowlark Institute in Minnesota, the World Café is a global approach of principles and strategies to create networks of conversations. This journey is a creative methodology for hosting authentic ME - TOO conversations in groups of all sizes. The Cognitive Institute of Dallas in collaboration with Generation Thirty Publishing House engages in a think-tank environment regarding sexual aggression and intolerable behaviors where we work, learn, live and play. 

Nonetheless, in order to spark the dialog Dr. Ra’kel Leah authored The Sexual Assault of BABYGIRL: Building From Broken Foundations. In addition, The Sexual Assault of BABYGIRL, within its first month, has acclaimed over 3500 likes and scores 4.8/5-star rating [to date: December 2017]. As a professional speaker and World Café host her coaching offers communication strategies, human conditioning approaches, reflective feeling checks, and humorous ice breakers and strategies. Ordinarily, fashioning principles toward human performance, change for better, and relationship value contravenes destructive - troubled characters we all possess and allows one to envision themselves through new lenses. 

Although her other titles are more recent, Dr. Rachel (pronounced ra’-KEL) Robertson can be found at Her advocacy includes the promotion of successful families through parent-child healthy relationships. Texas foundation advocacy to re-vamp CPS, business advisor, and author. Dr. Robertson is a parent with a passion for protecting parental freedoms and democracy. For nearly a decade she has been on the front lines to protect family freedoms and constitutional freedoms against unmandated and harmful agencies such as Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

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