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Guest Name
Nathan Spiteri
Guest Occupation
Actor, Advocate, Filmmaker, Writer
Guest Biography

He is also a sexual abuse survivor, activist and advocate. Born in Canberra, Australia, Nathan was sexually abused as a child, threatened with his life and that of his family. He turned to drugs, violence and sex as a result to survive. Hitting rock bottom, Nathan finally came out the other side, through intense therapy, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics and Sex Anonymous. He has chosen to use his painful past to help others, aligning himself with organizations both in Australia and the US to raise awareness, educate people and act as an advocate for sexual abuse.

Nathan studied acting in both Australia and the USA and has starred in several films and theatre productions in both countries. He has now turned his hand to writing and producing. A feature film has been written, whilst a limited series is in the process of being written on his life. He has since written his second feature film and another TV series. Nathan starts shooting the Amazon Prime Series, Asunder, in NY in late 2021.

Nathan was the keynote speaker at the 7th Annual Surviving Sexual Abuse Conference, in Madison, Wisconsin. He is a global ambassador for the ‘CLF’, (Children’s Liberation Foundation), a nonprofit organization whose aim it is to eradicate the world of Child Sex Trafficking and Child Slavery. Nathan is an ambassador for the ‘Australia Says No More’ campaign as part of the No More Campaign. The mission is to unite a diverse global community to end domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse. Nathan is proud to be associated with is ‘Menslink’ (a Canberra only based organization) helping young men between the ages of ten to twenty-five get through tough times with the least amount of damage to themselves and those around them. Menslink provides free mentoring, counseling and education programs across the Canberra Region. Another great Australian organization Nathan is honored to provide support to is ‘SAMSN’, (Survivors and Mates Support Network). It is one of the country’s leading associations for male survivors of child sexual abuse.

His first book and memoir, ‘Toy Cars’ published by Three Little Birds Press in Australia, was released in Australia in May 2021.