Guest, Marina Jacobi

Guest Name: 
Marina Jacobi
Marina Jacobi
Guest Occupation: 
Higher Dimensional Telepathy
Guest Biography: 

My name is Marina Jacobi.  From a little kid I had automatic writing and I knew things about people like sickness or problems. I had vivid dreams that were becoming true.  Through the writing I was connecting with different loved ones that passed away.  In the last five years everything changed.  

I started to connect with different beings that told me that we’re from a higher dimension of frequency and hybrids including higher order of consciousness.  I also started to telepathically connect and hear everything. They started to teach me everything about consciousness and the new metaphysics that is the bridge between matter and consciousness. 

They also guided me how to completely detox my body.  I am now officially on raw and vegan diet.  They told me that this material is very important for humanity and that this is just the beginning.

Marina Jacobi, The Harmonic Reactor