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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 13 May 2021

A Healing Journey with Andrew Godfrey

A Healing Journey with Andrew Godfrey
Show Host:
Andrew Godfrey

A Healing Journey with Andrew Godfrey is a lesson about the process people can go through who have survived a traumatic event and want to heal. By making yourself vulnerable and speaking about your experience, you will release the negativity inside and begin to feel better.

Key phrases - Self help, healing trauma, mental health, authentic relationships, openness and vulnerability, positive outlook, one world, common good, beauty inside and out, true purpose.

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Andrew Godfrey
Movie Producer, Wealth Advisor, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and History buff

Andy is a survivor, husband, wealth advisor, teacher, coach and friend to people around the world who seek to make their lives better. He lives in Aspen, Colorado with his wife Diane of 28 years, and their 4 wonderful children.


As wealth advisor, Andrew specializes in developing and strengthening relationships with existing and new clients.

Prior to joining First Western Trust, Andrew worked at Morgan Stanley as a Retail Stockbroker growing his book of business and working specifically with high-tech stocks. Most recently he served as a Stock Trader focusing on syndicated offerings, fixed income strategies, MLP's and ADR's.


Title: 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS

Movie Synopsis: Imagine the defining moment of your life.  Then imagine never talking about it with anyone.  This sets the stage for the documentary film 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS. 

In 1974, Mark and Andy Godfrey went on a family ski vacation to Aspen, Colorado. Tragically, the plane they were traveling on crashed. The world, as they knew it, was changed forever.  Mark and Andy, who were 11 and 8, survived 3 days and 2 nights in the frigid mountains of Colorado.  For nearly 40 years they rarely discussed the crash, even between themselves. 

This is a film about two brothers coming to grips with the defining moment of their lives.  Their story is one of cathartic discovery in hopes of reconciling such a tragedy.  It’s about how the twin beacons of love and family can help overcome even the greatest of losses.