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Talk Radio Show Program

Tracy Tully Talks

Tracy Tully Talks
Show Host: 
Tracy Tully

Tracy Tully Talks with Tracy Tully

  • A motivation percolator, wordsmith and distiller of fear; Tracy turns chaos into calm, disorganization into structure and overwhelm into power and passion.
  • She creates influential speakers all over the world, by helping people unlock their voice lifting their Profile, Prestige and Profit.
  • She teaches confident conversations by overcoming fear through motivation and resilience, funding a lifestyle working anywhere in the world.
  • Tracy challenges people to step out of their comfort zone, building their resilience muscle!
  • She conducts powerful and witty speaking opportunities, growing confidence, improving motivation and strengthening resilience

A purveyor of inspiration, Jill-of-all trades in mastering fear, building courage and strengthening resilience; Tracy’s key message is:

"Life is like a box of chocolates; each sweet delicacy is a goal enticing you to keep moving forward. But in every box of chocolates, there will always be one or two you don’t like. I’ll show you how to find the sweet spot in everything, most of the battle is achieving the right mindset"

Weekly Show
BBS Station 2
5:00 pm PT
5:55 pm PT

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

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Tracy Tully Talks, December 23, 2020 Guest, Nik Cree, Founder of SmashGo Online Transformation Coach and Consultant
Tracy Tully Talks, December 16, 2020 Guest, Getrude Matshe-Kanicki, author, philanthropy consultant, and global curator and founder at HerStoryCircle
Tracy Tully Talks, December 9, 2020 Guest, Kim Khoo, Founder and Principal Legal Consultant of HERITANCE WILLS INTERNATIONAL.
Tracy Tully Talks, December 2, 2020 Guest, Nik Cree, Positive Business Solutions
Tracy Tully Talks, November 25, 2020 Guest, Dr Jo Lukins, influencing the culture and mindsets of high performers
Tracy Tully Talks, November 18, 2020 Guilt, Blame, Shame, Shame Resilience, Getting Help and Things That Help
Tracy Tully Talks, November 11, 2020 Guest, Zelda Marsh Manifest Merriment After Divorce
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Tracy Tully Talks, October 28, 2020 Guest, Rachel Leman, Miss Motivator, exercise and eating right, and getting motivated
Tracy Tully Talks, October 21, 2020 Guest, Elisa James, Voice Coach, Presenter and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author
Tracy Tully Talks, October 14, 2020 Guest, Julie Martin, a Personal Empowerment Coach and Holistic Nutrition Specialist
Tracy Tully Talks, October 7, 2020 Guest, Getrude Matshe, Book Writing Coach
Tracy Tully Talks, September 30, 2020 Guest, Jo Lukins, sports psychologist from Brisbane, Australia
Tracy Tully Talks, September 23, 2020 Guest, Kapil Shilpa Kulshreshtha, author of, Play It Full, from Sydney Australia, a career strategist, living powerfully
Tracy Tully Talks, September 16, 2020 with Tracy Tully and guest Danielle Stearman
Tracy Tully Talks, September 9, 2020 with Tracy Tully and guest Michelle Jewsbury
Tracy Tully Talks, September 2, 2020 with Tracy Tully and Toni Lontis and guest Yogita Ridgley
Tracy Tully Talks, August 26, 2020 with Tracy Tully and Toni Lontis


Talk Show Program Host

Tracy Tully
Tracy Tully
Queensland - Australia Facebook - LinkedIn - Instagram, Pinterest
Speaker, mentor, author, and two time whistle-blower

Hello! I’m Tracy Tully

I’m sure you’d like to know more about me.

I live in Queensland with my family and I’m a mother of two attractive adult kids!

I love British Bulldogs, owning a few over the years and as a horsewoman, I really enjoy going to the races.

I have lots of skills and hobbies but I doubt you want to hear about them all!

I love helping people to feel confident in communicating with others.

I’m not your average woman and you won’t meet many others like me!

Yes, I’m an entrepreneur;

A coach, mentor, public speaker, author and

I’m also a two time whistle-blower.

I love traveling around the world and speaking at events,

But most importantly, you need to understand that

I’m a motivation percolator, wordsmith and distiller of fear.

I conduct powerful and witty speaking opportunities, growing confidence, improving motivation, strengthening resilience and understanding a growth mindset.

My presentations are passionate and highly engaging and I guarantee you’ll never forget my events!


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Just tuned into your radio show. Enjoyed your interview with Dr Jo. A very interesting author. From your interview and discussions Dr Jo speaks, and obviously writes, in an entertaining manner that both captures and engages her audience to achieve positive and healthy relationships between parents and all caregivers with the children in their care. Great advice to nurture resilience and well grounded individuals. 

~ Lindy R


Hey Tracy, tried to join you live on the show today via zoom and it wouldn't let me in so now listening live to what is a wonderful. Well done and what a fabulous guest!

Hugs, Toni 

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