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Veronica Monet ACS CAM
Your Pitch

Imagine looking forward to speaking with your partner about the problems and obstacles in your relationship with joy. Imagine feeling confident that the two of you will not only create solutions which satisfy both of you but that each of you will feel closer and safer and more in love than ever before. It is possible to transform life's inevitable difficulties into opportunities for connecting and understanding one another in a manner which evokes your empathy and arouses your romantic passions. I live this path daily and I have done so for years. It really works and I sharing my Five Steps to Exquisite Partnership (TM) with others. Let me show you how to make Exquisite Partnership (TM) a reality in your relationships.

Relationship Coach

Veronica Monet is The Shame Free Zone! Author of Sex Secrets of Escorts and Relationship Coach for couples in long-term relationships, she specializes in turning conflict into connection. You may have seen her on any number of television programs including CNN and FOX News as well as Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect. Or perhaps you have read about her in Allure, Complete Woman or The New York Times? Whether you have ever heard of her before or not, you are sure to find her perspective on love, sex, anger and life to be uniquely delightful.

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