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Sonja Grace
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Sonja​ Grace​ ​is ​an earth angel. Those who know her realized it in an instant. Author Cyndi Dale understood it the moment she spoke to Sonja Grace, “my heart resonated to the music in her voice and I thought, I am talking to an angel.” There is something about Sonja and those who have met her, or been counseled by her will tell you “there is a shimmering to the messages and truths she delivers, a purity to her dedication to everything and everyone on this planet.” However, Sonja Grace knows that she is perhaps just one of a number of highly sensitive, intuitive people now emerging on earth, who are here to be in service to others. More importantly, Sonja has written ‘Become an Earth Angel’ for those people who realize they are here for a purpose but need guidance and support to realize their gifts. This book is ideal for your listeners, many of who, no doubt spend their lives helping others. In it she shares her wisdom and reveals fascinating information about the angelic realms in which she has traveled for over thirty years. Below is the press release for the book. Advanced review copies are now available. “There is a new order of earth angels coming to the fore to help humanity.” ~ Sonja Grace BECOME AN EARTH ANGEL Advice and Wisdom For Finding Your Wings and Living in Service By Sonja Grace With a Foreword by Cindy Dale, author of The Subtle Body Sonja Grace brings an entirely new perspective to the angel genre with her new book, Become an Earth Angel: Advice and Wisdom For Finding Your Wings and Living in Service (Findhorn Press, September 2012 $14.95). Sonja has been working and traveling in the angelic realm for over 30 years. Her book is for those people who might feel misunderstood, different and in many cases extremely sensitive and intuitive about people and events; the growing number of people on the planet who are answering a call to their spiritual light. Grace outlines how to recognize the qualities of an earth angel and how to take steps toward being of service to others. “Sonja Grace is a brilliant light that just happens to be on Earth. Her love permeates the room and her energy transforms the audience. She is a true life earth angel and a real gift to this world.” ~ George Noory, host of Coast to Coast A.M and Beyond Belief. Through her own extraordinary case studies, Sonja demonstrates what it is like to do the work of an earth angel and how she uses her gifts to locate missing people as well as council and heal a myriad of international clients. She also takes readers on a fantastic journey into the angelic realms. With Become an Earth Angel: Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in Service the reader will discover fresh insight and explanations of angels and the angelic phenomenon; what they are, how to identify them, what they do, where they come from and their particular mission at this time in earth’s history. About the Book: Become an Earth Angel: Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in Service ISBN: 978-1-84409-645-9 Findhorn Press, August 2014, $14.95 Distributed by Legato Publishers Group (a PGW affiliate) About Sonja Grace Mystic and healer Sonja has an international clientele offering spiritual processing, healing, remote viewing, channeling, past and future life therapy, animal communication, alien and entity clearing and communication with the divine. She is an author and popular speaker on a range of topics.


For over thirty years, author and Mystic Healer, Sonja Grace has been offering her clients, both in the United States and abroad, immediate stability, clarity, and guidance. Through her healing, counseling and spiritual processing, Sonja has a wide variety of talent to choose from in which she accesses her ability to channel and communicate with the divine. She sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world. Her ability to read and clear the karmic threads to past lives helps clients heal lifetimes of patterns. Sonja is an energy surgeon and helps clients to identify where the discomfort is in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. She provides medical scans and defies time and space with her energy medicine, etheric clearing, structural and cellular healing work helping the client to transform their energy, chakras, auric field, as well as the physical body in all systems. Sonja is able to execute all levels of her work from a distance and over the phone. In another area of expertise Sonja’s extensive work with animals brings both client and pet to the forefront. She communicates with them for clarity and understanding for the owner and veterinarian. She has worked with a wide variety of pets both here and the spirit realm. Many people contact Sonja to simply get in touch with a pet or relative that has crossed over. Her new book ‘Become and Earth Angel’ Advice and Wisdom for Finding your Wings and Living in Service is available through Findhorn Press. Other books by Sonja Grace are: ‘Angels in the 21st Century’ and ‘Earth Ways Healing Medicine for the Soul’. The companion film presentation Earth Ways Series and her new Earth Angel Series is available on her website. Sonja currently lives in Portland, Oregon.