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S Suzanne Grandon
Your Pitch

We are living in transitional times.  Those who are awake and aware are being called to finish the task of healing and to move on to an aware conscious creator mode to help bring forth a new reality of abundance for all.  

SSuzanne's 70 years on this Earth have all been about mastering and fine-tuning these abilities.  She has been a teacher of the teachers and had occasions to seed and nurture ideas whose time have come in various places and cultures worldwide to uplift human consciousness and birth new realities.  

She is re-emerging  in a new form once again after another near death experience to assist humanity during these auspicious times.  As a mystic, SSuzanne  often transmits energies through her stories as well as channeling direct energy transmissions.  

Her gifts are many, her goal is to serve, and her choice is to say Yes to a bright abundant future for all.    


SSuzanne's intuitive gifts were open at birth, and her life course was always guided from the higher planes. She began her formal earth work at the age of 16 while traveling throughout Japan, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. She graduated from Ithaca College in Upstate New York with a BFA Degree in technical theater, television and film. In those four years she worked on over 200 shows, sometimes under the tutelage of Rod Serling, originator of The Twilight Zone. After a year in New York City working professionally in theater, she returned to Ithaca to head up Cornell University's Center for Religion, Ethics, and Social Policy's Community Art and Communications Programs. She went on to work in northern Europe, and took responsibility for her own health during a major life-altering cleanse and healing as a part of a dual union soul/twin soul exchange. Her navigation skills were later honed while living in Massachusetts working on the 12 Meter Sails for America's Cup, the largest sailboat race in the world. Ted Turner captained that year's winning boat - The Courageous. Soon after, SSuzanne taught specially gifted and challenged children during the same time she taught in country jails garnering unique perspectives in a series of unusual circumstances. SSuzanne went on to teach advanced professional specialty courses in Hypnotherapy that lead to changes in childbirth practices in order to pave the way for the wise old souls ready to be birthed. Her 8 years in Egypt offered opportunities to teach and influence practices in women and children's health alongside the country's leading psychiatrist and a well-respected doctor's clinic and later to lead spiritual group tours. She is an energy specialist who is comfortable in communicating with the seen and the unseen. SSuzanne has collected many initials for after her name, some of which at times opened doors, none of which were ever the reason for her opportunities to work. She is honored to have collaborated with artists and scientists, physicians and metaphysicians, educators, shamans, indigenous elders, wisdom-keepers, and illuminators alike ... all relations in service to Earth! SSuzanne is now once again emerging with a new form to assist in humanity's shift into a purer and more refined consciousness. She will be bringing forth projects begun years ago and shelved until it was time for them to be received well. Now is that time. RECENT SHOW: BBS Radio-TV, Nov 4, 2019 5 pm Conscious Wellness Show - Host Raymond Morris Show Title: Birthing A New Reality-Through Pure Love LINK:… Pure Hope #9 - What Is The Experience Of Pure Consciousness - Guest S Suzanne Grandon This free link to a previous interview show provides background information about what can be termed conscious dimensions to understand more fully the energies humanity is presently traversing.