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Broadcast Date

Show Title:  Birthing A New Reality ~ Through Pure Love

Guest:  S Suzanne Grandon


What does it take to birth:

~ a baby through your body

~ an idea whose time has come

~ a new culture, country, or worldview?

What does it take to birth a new you?

On Nov 4 Conscious Wellness Show Guest SSuzanne Grandon will share experiences from her “near-death” experiences that opened the doors for her to be here in Divine W.I.L.L.  She will talk about “Pure Love” - what it is and why it is so important - indeed so very necessary today and in the days to come.

She will share a creation story, give examples of present day parallel realities and time slips,  and point out quantum leaps from her personal journey providing a glimpse into what is taking place in the earthly dimensions now.

The live viewing audience and those viewing in the archives will have an opportunity to experience the purified love of higher realms through  SSuzanne’s “CUCKOO Lift & Shift” exercise to gently and effortlessly navigate into their own new realities.



Phone: USAOffice 928-554-4069

Mailing Address: PO Box 21024, Sedona AZ 86341-1024


Regarding the images below. 

The first three of these images will be discussed in greater detail during this Nov 4 show:
- SSuzanne’s 3 Soul Portraits by Cosima Lukashevich.  One of these was
created 2 hours after birthing a new soul.

- SSuzanne’s “Spirit of Seshat Receiving” - Portrait by Daniel E Maddux
on July 26, 2019, Egyptian and Mayan New Year.

- SSuzanne’s Earth-work on the Magnificent 19+1=20 Medicine Wheel (Center is
Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, Wyoming).