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Robert Murray
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Hi how are you? I hope you are staying positive, it sounds like you are. I agree completely with you on the topic of communication and how vital it is to a relationship. This being said, I recently in the last year, have been ghosted by my fiance. This person was so special to me and I've never loved anyone so much. It's a beautiful story of encouragement and trust followed by a sense of abandonment and complete helplessness. I've had to go through so many scenarios in my head as to what happened. Was it cold feet or maybe an ex lover came back into the picture. I just wish he could have trusted me that I would never hate or hurt him or anyone. Tell me anything please... Tell me you love me or hate me or something. It would have made more sense if he had died only because I would understand why he doesnt want to reach out to me knowing how much I must be worried. So, I would like to talk about this topic with you if you're up for it thanks


My name is Robert Murray and I am 36yrs old. I was born and raised in a free range homestead community in South Central Alaska. I have 80 acres in the buffer zone of the Wrangell St Alias National Park. I own and operate as Sole Proprietor Alaska Remote Transportation and Tours. I enjoy showing Alaska, my backyard, to the world. I perform customized tours via small motor coach and other ground travel. Cultural themed and exclusive.

United States