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Rev Karen Sullivan CHT CCLAC CLC
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I fell into this career of Hypnotherapy. I had a great job, working with people that I loved as my own family, the hours were LONG, even still, I was helping to make a difference at the corporate level, however small and yet there was an inner longing to do something that made a difference on a greater scale. Flipping through the pages of a local alternative magazine, one article jumped out at me on the benefits of hypnosis and I saw that the National Guild of Hypnotherapist was having a conference so I decided to attend. Once there, a beginning class was starting so I joined and never knew I would fall so deeply in love with a profession. I continued my education and was Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest organization of hypnotists in the world.

Hypnotherapy is gentle process getting to the core of a issue and causing the desired change at the root, not a band aid fix, offering lasting, permanent life transformation. I am honored and humbled to bear witness of my clients life realignment toward living a life of their dreams. This naturally progressed into the coaching arena on a personal level and now at a corporate level, teaching the Power of Love, resolving conflict, both inner and outer, and restructuring from the top level down.

Life, is utterly amazing and I am thrilled to have stumbled into hypnosis and the path that has evolved from there.

Hypnotherapist, Corporate Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Ordained Esoteric Minister

Since 1999, Karen has applied natural techniques with her broad range of clients to get life back on track in the quickest way possible with permanent or long lasting results. Her skills and certifications in hypnotherapy, life coaching and NLP modalities assist clients in gaining awareness, clarity and relaxation along with an endless list of life possibilities in living a more fulfilled life. Whether a current life stumbling block, renewal of purpose or personal improvement, amazing life changing benefits are just a choice away. Conintuing to hone her craft as a transformation specialist, she took classes from the International College of Metaphysical Theology and became certified as a Law Of Attraction Coach, The American University of NLP to become certified as a Life and Corporate Coach. Her latest endevor is becoming an Ordained Esoteric Minister. She is member in good standing with both The National Guild of Hypnotists, The American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy and AMORC. Karen will also be a mentor in an upcoming movie, The Enlightenment Stories.

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