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Patricia Fuqua
Your Pitch

Hello Radio Host,

Thank you for connecting and considering me to be a guest on your radio show. I am the CEO of Dating Diamonds; Relationship Expert “Specializing In The Second Time Around”, Best Selling Author, and Intuitive Love Consultant.

I have a PROVEN STRATEGY your single and available listeners need to follow, know, do, and say, to meet and keep the person of their dreams today! My lasting love secrets are time-tested and practiced daily with my soul mate-husband of 40 years, and my 500+ happy clients every morning who snuggle next to their life partner.


I have the winning love formula! They will find their KINDRED SPIRIT and meet the right partner FASTER than they ever could by themselves. Saving enormous amounts of time, energy, and endless heartache.  I will share the secrets to getting closer and tying the knot! There are 5 predictable stages of relationship development. With my expertise and guidance, your listeners will exude the confidence that will make him or her have people begging to date them! My personalized and concrete strategy will take anyone from 1st date to soul-mate!

BOOK ME! Let's connect and schedule a date to be a guest on your show. Kindly call or email me directly to schedule, or...send me a return message.


 Lifetime Love,
Patricia Fuqua
Phone: (650) 877-2563 


      Since 2008 Patricia Fuqua has been empowering women to date from 1st date to Soulmate using the proven strategy she wrote about in her best seller book. It's called Second Time Around: How to Date Your Right Man Blueprint.  Based on the consultations of over 500 women and her own personal relationship in a 40 year marriage, Patricia delights in sharing the art and practice of relationship development with women who want love the second time around. The book's content is helpful to men as well.  After all the more knowledge you have the more you can thrive.

Patricia lives with her husband Terry and daughter Dafina in Menlo Park, CA.

United States