Guest Name, Nelson Abreu BSEE PE MS

Nelson Abreu BSEE PE MS
Nélson Abreu BSEE PE MS
Electrical Engineer and Consciousness Technologist

Nelson Correia Abreu is a registered electrical engineer, specializing in smart grids with a Masters in Design, Business and Technology in Los Angeles. He is an entrepreneur, inventor, author and educator. A descendent of Goa, India, he was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. 

He is the CTO and co-founder of Neumascape Studio and Neuma Being. He is a member of the ICRL consortium (formerly Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab); he has served as scientific director for non-profit International Academy of Consciousness and Student Member Representative of the Society for Scientific Exploration board. He has authored and contributed to a number of publications and has lectured to universities lay audiences throughout the US and in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Australia.