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Michael David Lipkan
Your Pitch

We need to shrink our cities to their smallest and most workable form. We believe that form is curvilinear and links existing cities to become a network megalopolis. This megalopolis will be energized by renewable energy coming from many sources. Proximity power and efficient/effective sequencing will greatly reduce transportation energy for the city. Shrinking the city allows reconstructing mor wilderness and the transformation of most of our plowed farmland to PERMACULTURE.


Born -- Charles City, Iowa
Photographer in the Air Force
Santa Monica City College for Liberal Arts
University of New Mexico --
Majored in Elementary Education/(Physical Education Minor) for one year
Majored in Physics/(double Minor of Math and Biology for 2 ½ years
Enrolled iat Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute where I Majored in Digital Electronics and graduated ca 1979
Lived and worked at Arcosanti in Arizona where.I learned about Arcologies, Dr.Paolo Soleri, and PERMACULTURE.

I have been working on my Linear City Concepts project since the late seventies.