Guest Name, Joceline Tabacco

Joceline Tabacco
Joceline Tabacco
Founder Born2BeAlive

My name is Joceline and I’m 39 years old. I’ve lived in California for most of my life and previously worked in Special Ed as a 1:1 Aide. 

I'm one of many survivors of sexual abuse. In 1st grade I was molested by a babysitter and internalized the experience. I let the shame and guilt consume me which caused my once joyful, radiant smile to disappear. I blocked the sexual abuse until the age of 16 years old when it surfaced and I began to hate and sabotage myself even more. 

In November of 2002 I died temporarily when I rolled my truck eight times. My truck crushed itself, and I was found inches away from the driver's side window. This was simply a miracle because I always buckle up. 

Do you believe in Angels? I do.

I remember my cousin Andrea who had died in a car accident in February of 2002, unbuckling me and placing me safely beside my truck. I woke up a week later in a body that didn’t work. Faced with the challenge of relearning to walk and talk, visualization brought me back to life. Eventually I did walk again and my ability to talk came back slowly, but my quality of life declined. Due to a damaged hypothalamus and self-medicating with food I reached the unhealthy weight of 280 pounds by 2011 and my doctor wanted to put me on steroids. 

Driving home from the doctor’s office that day I prayed for the first time in my life asking for help from the unknown. Minutes later an anonymous stranger practiced a random act of kindness by paying for my meal. A random act of kindness at a Panda Express drive thru? I was floored! The love I felt immediately elevated my frequency so high that I began to show myself love and heal myself using visualization again, veggie/fruit smoothies, and high-dose vitamin therapies among other natural things.

After experiencing three near death experiences, and climbing many mountains that rose up before me I spent many years healing my whole self, and unplugged from technology. In March of 2016 I suddenly felt a tug to open my eyes to our current reality, and was deeply saddened at the state of our world. Knowing I was meant to travel the country for some reason I began to prepare by ending my employment as a 1:1 Aide in Special Education, moving out of my apartment, and selling my old car to be ready to embark on a journey to connect and unite others. When others ask me why I feel so driven to rally everyone together I reply with the truth, "We all deserve to feel alive. I've always known that one day I would pay forward the random act of kindness that saved my life in a huge way. That day has come, and I am doing whatever it takes to make a positive impact by uplifting and uniting as many people as possible. My journey has showed me what is truly important in life, and the extreme importance of helping each other, plus always leading with kindness and love."

​Like Mahatma Gandhi, I have found that there is truth in every religion. My journey has shown me that spirituality is different for everyone and it's up to each of us to find our unique truths. For years I have walked the shamanic path before I even understood what that was. I've developed a strong spiritual connection due to my journey and the time I've spent facing myself and connecting spiritually in my own way.

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