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Dr She DMontford
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I am Dr. Shé D’Montford.

Most people identify me by remembering that I found the little boy lost on the Channel 7 smash hit TV show ‘The One’ on Australian prime time TV. I am a corporate intuitive and personal psychic. I have been working all around the world for 30 years and I have an excellent professional reputation. Additionally, I am a traditional herbal and sound/energy healer.

I have had the privilege of being able to demonstrate that these abilities work in defiance of the on show skeptics in front of a viewing audience of 1.6 million people in Australia weekly in August 2008.

Currently, I travel the world teaching others a repeatable methodology for the development of  their own psychic abilities. My students range from beginners who only want to learn how to meditate through to  those who are seeking  advanced spiritual training methods. I have also gained quite a following as the editor and regular contributor to many alternative magazines. I have had 15 works of alternative non-fiction published. I write about many spiritual topics from philosophy to mediumship through to alternative cancer treatments. I am the author of my own tarot deck, “The Talking Tarot” and have also been a contributing author to other peoples very successful alternative titles. I maintain a high profile by constantly touring and appearing as a special guest at most of the big alternative festivals around Australia and  several overseas.

I offer personal consultatiosn as well as healing and a varity of therapies.  Additionally, I conduct well reputed personal and psychic self-development courses. There are more details about these workshops on my websites. Here are my suggestions of a few of my courses that I feel will interest your listeners:-

Mind Body Integration - a life healing workshop.
Seven Psychic Secrets -  my psychic development course.
Talking Tarot  - my tarot workshop.
These courses, as do all of my courses, have an excellent reputation as my methods of teaching are very through, highly effective and extremely professional.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
You may contact me on my work phone number +61402793604

Every Blessing to you
Dr. Shé D’Montford

Corporate Intuitive

You find a list of most of my 15 titles

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