Guest Name, Dick Larson

Dick Larson
Dick Larson
Share International coworker

Dick Larson has been a coworker in the Share International network for over 30 years. He speaks eloquently about the Emergence of Maitreya.

United States


We're pleased to interview Dick Larson as my guest! I'm Marcia McMahon, show host and  channel for many Ascended Masters and archangels adn we are interested in what is emerging on this planet to bring peace and justice in these challenging times!   The idea that the spiritual hierarchy of  Masters are manifesting their physical form to lead the way to a better world is what is what wer looking at for the show. . Is the Lord Maitreya returning to assist us in these times to bring peace and global security to our world? visit share-international dot com to read more!

Pleas don't miss the show! This is part of our ascension series knowledge based for teh peaceful Planet Show, MP3 files are available  for purchase if interested in the topic of Ascension.