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Chris Kehler
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Chris Kehler is a quantum energy healer, using the ancient form of pendulum dowsing for finding the root cause of all health problems, working with pyramid energies and various sacred geometric tools for resolving health issues. Chris uses his extreme open mind to develop the fundamentals and theories for his successful healing protocols which he uses on clients around the world and beyond.


Chris Kehler is a quantum energy
practitioner/healer who specializes in finding the trouble
areas in the body and the stressors within that area by
using the pendulum and chart method of dowsing.

After working 30 years in the printing &
newspaper industry, Chris retired in 2007, a door opened for
Chris which would lead him into the world of energy healing.
Realizing that his intuitive nature was more than just
coincidence, Chris began taking courses in many different
modalities. To his credit, Chris has found great success and
certification in Dowsing (pendulum), Radionics, Healing with
metaphysical tools, Quantum Touch, Muscle testing (applied
kinesiology), Foot bath detox and Live blood analysis.

Chris has learned very quickly that when
working with universal energies, one must think not just
outside the box, but WAY outside the box. By this we mean
that all possibilities need to be considered when working
with a person’s ill health. Not only are things like
virus’s and infections tested for, but, also “off the
wall“ possibilities like: entities, karmic debt and how
well your body is grounded to the earth are considered.

After the problem area and stressors have
been located, the “frequencies” of the stressors can be
neutralized with the use of Krystaline metaphysical tools
and Radionics. With this protocol, it is possible for pains
and ailments to be alleviated within a short period of time.