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Talk Radio Show Program

Threshold Radio

Threshold Radio
Show Host: 
Johnny Blue Star

Threshold Radio is a radio talk show postulating that personal connection to a Higher Power is the most profitable way of being connected to your life, your destiny and to the Source whose purpose is embodied in the nature of things. Threshold seeks to help the Seeker find his or her place in this world by adding another level of experience to one's daily activities and a true methodology of transforming the personal, business, social and political life of this world planet. Realizing that the ultimate connection to the Creator is between the Seeker and Divinity, Threshold provides whatever guidance it can to assist the listener in making that connection and how that connection can provide powerful spiritual and practical solutions to health, business and political challenges. In addition to this, Threshold explores threats to our intrinsic rights as spiritual beings, rights like personal privacy, liberty and pursuit of happiness and opportunity aligned with the American Constitution, the Declaration and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Threshold affirms that the torch of liberty should be held aloft to encourage peace and prosperity for all citizens of this planet. Regarding music as a potentially intrinsic bond between all peoples and cultures, it presents the work of songwriters, composers and performers to foster a healing connection to all people on planet earth. Threshold is a global media event with an outreach to all people of good will in a world struggling to be perfected

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

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Threshold Radio, February 13, 2016 THR 24: THE INVOLUNTARY SPY- KEN EADE PART 2


Talk Show Program Host

Johnny Blue Star
Johnny Blue Star
American Fork
Utah - United States Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - New Galaxy Enterprises, Threshold Radio
Writer and Broadcaster

2009-2018 Johnny is CEO and founder of New Galaxy Enterprise, Inc. (NGE), a media content provider. His company creates a wide variety of proprietary and collaborative media products - from full-length books and screenplays to web content, advertising and promotional projects, commercials, articles, press releases and resumes, etc.

Key Projects in NGE: Co-author of the Thrice Born, Part I, in screen and book form, of Pray for the Angels, a Film and Book Trilogy; Co-author of Boots in Manhattan, Part I, in screen and book form, of The Foot Soldier, a Film and Book Trilogy; Developing Film Musical, Helped edit, write and adapt to screen many books, screenplays and non-fiction properties through New Galaxy Enterprises (see website) an developing two musicals; one for stage and/or film, Hadleigh’s Castle based on songs written with Edgar Arens and sung by Patricia Welch and Dramatic TV series with Music called The Couturier with Cathy Scarms, founder of Sat Purush, an East Indian clothing design company. Developed or modified websites for Patricia Welch, Stephanie Slevin and Cathy Scarms (for Sat Purush)

2016-2018 New Galaxy Broadcasting (Division of NGE) Now Producer and Co-Host of Inalienable and Free, Threshold Radio and Integrative Hermetic Health with Hugo Rodier, M.D., an Integrative Physician

2016-2018 Bridge of Light Productions (Division of NGE) featured songs on various full length Threshold Radio interviews with singer/songwriter, Stephanie Slevin; singer/songwriters, Zave Nathan and his wife, Bonnie Blazak; musician/songwriter and crop circle expert, Patty Greer; songs composed by Edgar Arens and myself and sung by Patricia Welch; featured special broadcasts with singer, Patricia Welch, promoting our songs and her musical CD featuring decades of hit songs;

2017-2018 Coalition for Planetary Empowerment (Division of NGE): An organization is designed to empower people spiritually and practically to improve the quality of life on Planet Earth. Empowerment Protocols in CPE operate on four levels: personal, relationships, business and political. An adjunctive social network, La Planète, is under development, beginning with the United States, to give citizens an enhanced and direct voice in addressing government and corporate governance concerns.

2006-2009 MEDIA CONTENT DEVELOPER: Worked in proprietorship before incorporating New Galaxy Enterprises in 2009. Helped with books, screenplays, press releases, resumes, etc. Began comprehensive media content approach.

2005 ROCKETS AWAY! Founder/Manager: Helped develop first commercial spacecraft media company. Company was chosen as provider of news and information on the private space industry to AOL,

2003-2004 PALWIN CORPORATION, Moorpark, Ca: Project Manager for Paul Winchell, ventriloquist and inventor (patented first artificial heart): Prior to publication, edited autobiography, Winch, co-authoring its adaptation to screen. Promoted book with press releases, radio interviews, new website. Prior to his death, worked on developing Paul Winchell’s streaming Kid’s Network. Started to resurrect his African aquaculture project, “Africa Today-” to create foundation to breed and harvest Tilapia, fish which survive in brackish water. Began efforts to build model for new wind energy invention

1994-2002 U.S. BARTER INDUSTRY: Held a variety of hands-on Trade Director for a variety of Trade Exchanges (barter clubs)- was Trade Director for BXI Developing Areas- including Toronto, Boise, Chicago, St. Louis, Anchorage and Salt Lake City. Helped revitalize areas, which were neglected for one or more years. Also, worked for Millennium Exchange, San Francisco BXI and America’s Barter Network. During this time, developed TradeWorld News- First stand-alone Internet trade newspaper dedicated to the Barter Industry.

1997-1999 COACHELLA VALLEY MAGAZINES: Account Executive and Business selling advertising accounts, as well writing mainly business articles for various Palm Springs magazines, including Mature Living Magazine and the Palm Canyon and Palm Desert Times.

1988-1989 COACHELLA VALLEY COMMUNICATIONS/VALERIE MILLER GALLERIES, Canvassed and sold Long Distance Service throughout the Valley. Worked concurrently in evenings and weekends in Palm Desert, selling contemporary art for Valerie Miller.

1994-2000 NO DAWN WILL BREAK US! Executive Producer/Writer: Massive historical screenplay about Mexican Art Revolution. Received partial funding allotmen to develop first stages ofproject. Successfully approached Madonna through her agent at Creative Artists. Contacted Luis Puenzo, famous Argentinean director to direct film.. Puenzo had directed Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck and Jimmy Smits in Old Gringo, featuring a story of Pancho Villa, one of many historical characters in my film. Worked with John W. Cones, entertainment securities attorney; author of books on film financing. Project hampered by incomplete allotment of funds.

1994-1996 STRATEGIC MARKETING ALLIANCE/RADIO TALK SHOWS: Producer/host for shows created on KDES-AM, KESQ-AM, KPSL-AM and KCMJ-AM, including YOU DESERVE IT! on travel; ARTBEAT, on the arts; DESERT BUSINESS HOUR, on business; NATURE’S WORKSHOP and. JOURNEY TO WELLNESS, on health and SOUND-OFF 3000! children’s science fiction adventure.

1989-1992 COACHELLA VALLEY RADIO STATIONS. Account Executive: Worked at KCLB (a classic rock station) and KNEWZ (a news station, sold directly to advertisers but also wrote, produced and sometimes acted in their spots (including managing a 24-gallery continual promotion for the Art Walk on El Paseo for KNEWZ).

1988-2000 B. LEWIN GALLERIES Account Executive: Sold art for largest Mexican art gallery in the world; helped with inventory and copyediting advertising.

1982-1987 CHAMPIONSHIP BUSINESS SERVICES Owner/Operator: Comprehensive B2B Services, including printing, advertising, secretarial as well as a resume and job counseling division.

1980 OKMULGEE DAILY TIMES, Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Front Page Reporter: Hired temporarily during a City Hall controversy where the City Manager was fired, a Grand Jury initiated and the US Department of Labor called into investigate. Was on front-page the first day I began and stayed on while the controversy continued.

1979-1980 DOWNTOWN TULSAN, Editor/Reporter: Was front-page reporter for feature-oriented weekly newspaper. Did restaurant, theater and film reviews. Developed front page interview, “The Downtown Tulsan, “featuring prominent local citizens.

1976-1980 “THE ADVENTURES OF GANYMEDE JONES” Producer/Actor Director: Before Star Wars and before the Star Trek Motion Picture series, I tried to launch a multi-media science fiction series on radio, hoping to jump-start interest in the project in other media. To this end, I produced, directed and acted as the protagonist in the series, enlisting a large number of media professionals. It resulted in a very large project that got a lot of local publicity and invaluable experience. The Adventures of Ganymede Jones was about a rough-hewn interstellar warrior who encounters the transformatory powers of an Interstellar Grail.


1979-1980 UNIVERSITY OF TULSA, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Student: Bachelor of Science degree. Communications degree focused on television production, but took courses in Journalism, Advertising, Broadcast Speech, Acting, Dialects for Actors, FCC Law, etc.

1967-1968 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, School of Continuing Education. Student: New York City, NY Student: In Columbia, I began to study Middle Eastern literature and Persian language, partially because of my studies of Rumi and my quest for more satisfying answers. It was during this period that I began to develop a screenwriting co-operative.

1963-1966 ST. JOHN’S COLLEGE, Annapolis, Maryland. Student: After three and a half years of studying the Classics, I began to think more about films, which began to enchant me with their possibilities. Whereas in High School, I was interested in philosophy and literature, I began to believe that the Western philosophic tradition was deficient and I spent a lot of private time, searching for a more satisfying point of view.

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