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The Victory of The Light Radio Show with Robert Potter
Show Host
Robert Potter

Our host Rob Potter will cover many diverse sundry paranormal and other worldly topics. Rob will share his insights into all things metaphysical and spiritual.

  • Rob is a contactee of the Pleiadeans and the Venusians. He is doing his best to emphasize the peaceful intentions and hopeful future for humanity as encouraged by our friendly space family.

  • There is a lot of speculation from many sources in regards to Extra Terrestrials or space family, as Rob likes to call them. Many contactees have different stories and as you follow The Victory of The Light Radio Show you will learn why this is so.

  • Furthermore Rob is an expert in the machinations of “The Deep State and the controllers sometimes called “The Cabal”. However, he is now focusing more on giving people hope in regards to the plight of the earth and her peoples.

  • Robs recent communications with the leader of the Venusian society has led to new revelations. Rob intends to de mystify the Space friends so we can truly prepare to engage in some more open contacts.

  • Rob can and will discuss with his guests the many and varied topics regarding spirituality and the various paths to consciousness evolution.

  • This evolution covers physical emotional aspects to our earthly experience. Some people like to use words like Ascension which is a big buzz word for many new age people who are ready willing and able to step into self mastery.

  • Robs shows will clarify this topic and make clear the possibilities of ascension that await the individual. Rob says the planets ascension is a long way off but we can certainly prepare ourselves to hasten this eventuality.

  • The planet herself is a divine entity and the multi dimensional nature of the universe and our life purpose and plan must now be understood for us to grow.

  • Robs shows will explain the dimensions and the various classifications that the Confederation of light uses for at least some of these dimensions.

  • Rob is an expert in Pyramids and advanced plasma scalar technologies. He will reveal information to help individuals to enliven their health and spiritual gnosis.

  • The Promise Pyramid Systems he share utilize Crystals Lasers and Tesla Coils for a unique experience for the hungry seeker of truth.

  • Prepare yourself for never before heard information on the Pleroma and the various beings that are interacting with us on the physical plane to help those who are ready to take the next step.

  • Fasten your seat belts and keep your mind open to new ideas and be sure to use discernment with all information.

  • Please see Robs Biography on the BBSRadio Biography page here (Don doug make this a link to the page) . You will also see links to his Facebook pages and his website as well 

Robs website blog will have some of his latest articles. Robs website has a new look and more information than ever so please sign up for his free newsletters as Rob is back and ready to rock and roll.

“I welcome you all to The Victory of The Light Radio Show”

Warm Regards

Rob Potter

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