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Sheila Mac

Welcome to the Sheila Mac Show, where we guide real people who share real stories and actionable steps to help you Reinvent, Rebuild, and Reboot your business and personal life on your terms. I am your host, Sheila Mac.  As you know, the Sheila Mac Show was created to add real talk based on my best-selling book, "Boot Straps and Bra Straps: The formula to go from rock bottom and back into action in any situation." The show is all about guiding entrepreneurs and working professionals through the profitable steps of building a business while also living your best life. Myself and my guests will share their experiences and expertise on strategies to enhance your businesses and bring your life to the next level.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to learn some valuable insights while enjoying the show. And, as always, for more information and to learn about our upcoming episodes, visit us at

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