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Digital dialog

As we enter the digital age,

the frequency and amplitude of change
continues to increase in every part of our lives.

We must use digital tools to survive.

When properly used, digital tools enable the savvy to thrive.

We explore the intersections, overlaps, and voids of today's digital reality
and the many ways we create and deliver value as we align our resources with our values.

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The Digital Dialog show offers a range of guests the opportunity to share their experiences, their work, their art, their ideas, and their messages with Jack & Jay, the other guests, and the world. This is a forum for feedback and expression.

Our Story and Show Structure

Digital Dialog is an entertainment show that leverages the intersection of guests who have interesting stories to tell and audiences who want to be engaged with topics that interest them in a meaningful way.  Our theme of “digital tools enable the savvy to thrive” appeals to different audiences in different ways but unite on a common goal of thriving in an increasingly complex landscape.

The show recording experience is an example of how we are applying contemporary tools in ways that enable us to develop valuable relationships.  We facilitate the creation and delivery of value and core values in every dialog or value exchange.  The biggest example – our show enables authors to let prospective fans become aware of them and their work.  The author and fan both win with an introduction that may not have happened until later, if ever.  We have the pleasure of enabling those relationships, and we benefit from the relationship we build with our audiences.  We also share our knowledge, experiences, and relationships with all the above in our quest to provide services or introductions to those who can provide relevant and valuable services as appropriate.  Our show is equally applicable to entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, authors, spiritualists, and many others.

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