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Welcome to Bosslady Convos, where reality is met with hope and purpose. I'm Chekesha Nellrose Crippen, THA BOSSLADY, and I'm here to share my story of resilience in the face of adversity. My journey has been marked by tragedy, with the loss of my bonus daughter's eye to gun violence and the death of my biological daughter by the same, my son's federal life sentence, and my own health and life struggles. But I refused to let defeat win and channeled my pain into action. We are founding a nonprofit to support families affected by violent crimes and cold cases STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: A Community Fight Against Violent Crimes and Cold Cases and this podcast. So, if you're ready for some straight talk, practical advice, and a dose of hope, join me, Chekesha Nellrose Crippen, for Bosslady Convos, where real talk, real solutions, and real life collide."

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