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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 9 March 2023

BOSSLADY CONVOS with CHEKESHA N. Crippen Tha Bosslady

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Welcome to Bosslady Convos, where reality is met with hope and purpose. I'm Chekesha Nellrose Crippen, THA BOSSLADY, and I'm here to share my story of resilience in the face of adversity. My journey has been marked by tragedy, with the loss of my bonus daughter's eye to gun violence and the death of my biological daughter by the same, my son's federal life sentence, and my own health and life struggles. But I refused to let defeat win and channeled my pain into action. We are founding a nonprofit to support families affected by violent crimes and cold cases STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: A Community Fight Against Violent Crimes and Cold Cases and this podcast. So, if you're ready for some straight talk, practical advice, and a dose of hope, join me, Chekesha Nellrose Crippen, for Bosslady Convos, where real talk, real solutions, and real life collide."

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CHEKESHA N. Crippen Tha Bosslady
Life Coach, Health Records Specialist

My name is Chekesha Nellrose Crippen and I am the owner of How to Life On Purpose and Transform Through Difficult Times Coaching Services. This year, I took a leap on faith and opened my own coaching practice after the tragic murder of my first born daughter.

A little bit about me:

I grew up an only child to my mother in Boston Ma. Growing up I frequently visited and lived in Knoxville TN with my grandparents which is not unusual for me to have chosen this as my home. I spent many years during my childhood growing up in Knoxville I attended some elementary, most of my middle school life, my freshman and sophomore years in High School attending Austin East High School. All my childhood memories are mostly of growing up around my cousins known today as my brothers and sister, making them all aunts and uncles to my kids. After graduating, in Massachusetts from Medford High School in Medford MA. In 1991, I headed back to my love of the much slower paced south.

I continued my educational journey in Tennessee at Knoxville College majoring in political science and business management later leaving after becoming ill. I eventually returned school at Tennessee Technology Center where I majored in Medical Billing and Coding. Ultimately graduating TTCK as a Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist.

Getting Married at the age of 21 to help raise my 2 oldest girls then onto having my 1st born child a girl at the age of 22. Now today a husband or two and many many many children and bonus children later here I am CheKesha-THA Bosslady. Currently, I live in Knoxville, TN with my children and family. When I’m not keeping busy with helping the underprivileged people in job searching or creation, housing sustainability or entering into the music spotlight you can find me being the lifelong student that I am studying and mastering my life on purpose or somewhere on a computer and researching how to evolve and grow love for myself crushing one by one all of my limited beliefs and trying new things fulfilling my life on purpose.