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Guest 1: Rose Campbell, Psychic Channel was contacted by Diana, Princess of Wales, on the NIGHT she DIED, and that began a series of conversations spanning the next 15 months! Her conversation was clear and steady, and shocking! Author of The Princess and The Peon: An uncommon conversation with the late Princess Diana.

Guest 1: Joy Elaine is one of the foremost experts in the world on the Ashtar Command, "mythical" creatures that are real, and where Earth is in her evolution. Joy Elaine channels information from an Asthar Commander, and galactic masters such as Thoth, Osiris, Isis, and has spoken with dragons and fairies. Joy has her fingers on the pulse of the evolving Earth and has a profound understanding of the nature of the 47 universes and many of the races that inhabit them!

Guest 1: Karlyle Tomms is an award winning author endorsed by Marideth Sisco of the Oscar nominated film "Winter's Bone". Karlyle grew up gay in a rural fundamentalist community in the Ozarks of the 1960s.