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Guest Name
Karlyle Tomms
Guest Occupation
Life Change Consultant, Speaker and Award-Winning Author
Guest Biography

Karlyle Tomms is an award winning author endorsed by Marideth Sisco of the Oscar nominated film "Winter's Bone". Karlyle grew up gay in a rural fundamentalist community in the Ozarks of the 1960s. At the age of sixteen, he contemplated suicide, after the minister who had baptized him into the church gave a sermon in which he said, "The sin of homosexuality is worse than the sin of murder."

He has been a Life Change Consultant and Speaker for over 38 years.  He has written for different regional magazines and newspapers and has often been selected to speak at both professional and non-professional events, as well as radio talk shows.  However, he had never published fiction until completing his first award-winning novel in 2014. His general method for fiction has been to define a character and allow that character to tell his or her own story from the first-person perspective as though the character is writing an autobiography. Through his characters, he explores the psychology of the human condition as well as the various elements and entanglements of personalities which is why it has been said that he has, "a deft appreciation of personalities." His novels incorporate the social and historical influences surrounding the lifetimes of his characters and are stories of overcoming social, emotional and spiritual challenges.

Karlyle Tomms is the author of;

"Confessions from the Pumpkin Patch": A promiscuous, head-strong, small-town girl of the 1960's begins to learn what life is really about when she falls in love with an ugly hippie.

"The Calling Dream": Recurring dreams of a strange redheaded woman call a backwoods boy to become a famous televangelist, but he hates himself when he cannot control his sins of lust.

"The Gulls Are Always Laughing": Award-winning author Karlyle Tomms tells his own story through poetry of growing up with bullying and abuse in the Ozarks of the 1960's through maturity, loves and lovers to finding contentment in the Laughter of the Gulls on the Coastal Bend of Texas.

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