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Melissa Bryan
Your Pitch

I want to be able to pitch my Book; "Beyond Belief: A Psychic's Life" to as many as possible in the listening world. I want to be able to help as many as availably possible with my Book.


Hi, I am Melissa Bryan; Stage Name “Jennifer Cromwelle White Feather."

I am Little Feather, 16th Gr. Granddaughter of Elder White Feather of the VA Iroquois People and 14th Gr. Grand Niece of Dragging Canoe of the Western Cherokee People.

I am Married, No Children of my own and for good reason. I am Mom to one Cat and two dogs.

My dream in this life is to open a small Store of my own and to live simply.

I was born in Santa Monica, CA, and am 40 years of age. I don’t own anything except the Knowledge imparted to me by my Ancestors, my Truck and my RV home on the road.

I am Pedigreed to 16+ Generations of Family Lineage.

As a child, I began to have experiences that I didn’t understand at the time after a Serious Injury and Illness. I believe something got left opened and never closed back up. As I got older, the experiences intensified.

Early in life, I had discovered my Family’s Rich History of Native American Heritage and Links to Metaphysical Abilities. The more I found, the more Profound my Experiences grew.

There is a long line of Mystics, Psychics, Healers, Shamans and Church Clergy.

It seems the Abilities, of which I have closed off and shut down and again re opened to a smaller extent at present time, got passed to me from my very earliest predecessors. I also inherited Cell Memory from Lifetimes Past and know some things without knowing how it got there. I don’t claim to be anything special or extraordinary. I am simply me.