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Today's interview with Kevin Annett and Georgina Smith:

You may have noticed that when the going gets a big rocky, there are certain patterns of thoughts and behaviors you seem to automatically fall into.  Over time, in this life, based on the input and environment we grew up in, the things you were told or taught, you developed literally programmed reactions or responses to the events that happen to you.

If you’re like so many people these days, one of the most common complaints you may have is,  your plate is fuller than full.

The demands of modern life often leave you feeling dragged out and inadequate.  You may know intellectually that you can’t give 100% to everything, yet still you have unreasonable expectations for yourself.  As a result, “something’s got to give,” and usually, it is your self-care and personal fulfillment.

There seems to be no end to the benefits of exercise. Humans need to move or else fall victim to what is often referred to as the sitting disease. If the majority of your day is spent sitting, your overall health will suffer, it can lead to weight gain, heart disease and other serious chronic illness, as you get older. Lack of movement can lead to heart attack, stroke, and a general loss in quality of life in our senior years.

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  1. Asparagus 

Get your green foods on your plate! Asparagus is rich in tryptophan, which is a serotonin aid, and it contains a good number of antioxidants. Tryptophan helps your body balance moods and sleep patterns, so it’s sure to help you quell your anxiety.

  1. Turkey 

Turkey, similar to asparagus, contains tryptophan, which means it’s another excellent sleep aid and mood stabilizer. The best part? They are delicious when eaten together!

  1. Shiitake Mushrooms 

  • Fear of failure

Most people are afraid of failing because they see it as a one-way street to disaster, rejection, and a stain on their reputation forever. Perversely, fear of failure is the mirror image of perfectionism. The idea that nothing you can do will be good enough, and that this failure defines your identity.