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7 Healthy Foods That Promote a Peaceful Mind

There are lots of ways to bring calm into your day, but have you ever thought about eating to tap into your inner peace? Believe it or not, certain foods are known for promoting calmness in your mind and body. Not so sure? Give it a try. Start with these seven foods.


  1. Asparagus 

Get your green foods on your plate! Asparagus is rich in tryptophan, which is a serotonin aid, and it contains a good number of antioxidants. Tryptophan helps your body balance moods and sleep patterns, so it’s sure to help you quell your anxiety.

  1. Turkey 

Turkey, similar to asparagus, contains tryptophan, which means it’s another excellent sleep aid and mood stabilizer. The best part? They are delicious when eaten together!

  1. Shiitake Mushrooms 

Did you know that stress and vitamin C deficiency often go hand in hand? You can replace some of what you need by enjoying Shiitake mushrooms, as they are full of vitamin C. Not sure you want to chew a handful of fungi? No worries! You can now get the benefits of delicious food and drink mixtures. 

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Inflammation in the body does more than cause pain. It also impacts the brain, making it less able to handle normal, daily tension. Extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps calm your mind and body. Because this is such a versatile oil, it’s easy to add more of it into your diet.

  1. Tuna 

Another food with anti-inflammatory properties is tuna, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Our brains need a great deal of healthy fat to work efficiently, which includes helping us stay calm under pressure. Tuna is simple to include in your diet and is a tasty way to improve your brain health.

  1. Chamomile Tea 

You may see “chamomile” listed as the main ingredient for a lot of nighttime teas. That’s because chamomile is known for relaxing the mind and helping the body wind down. The next time you’re feeling stressed (especially if your body is feeling like it needs a healthy dose of calm), try some chamomile tea.

  1. Dark Chocolate 

We’re saving the best for last. Because dark chocolate is sweet, we don’t recommend you eat a ton of it, but a little goes a long way. Dark chocolate has been shown to decrease anxiety levels because it contains flavonoids, which support brain function. Eating a little bit of dark chocolate can help increase levels of serotonin.