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Chat with Dr Black, August 16, 2015

Chat with Dr Black

Chat with Dr Black with Dr. La Theia Black

"What a Relief", August 11, 2015

What a Relief

"Oh, right... reliefe......thanks.....whew!   What a relefe, because that is our focus for tonight's "Insight Out-the Naked Truth" 7 PM PT Live

Guest Name, Chris Medina

Chris Medina
Chris Medina

I am a natural born Psychic-Medium with Native American ancestry. I provide expert metaphysical services for those in need of direction and or guidance in their life. I utilize my innate ability to connect with people on a true spiritual level to help guide them toward the path they are truly seeking. In essence, helping others help themselves.

I do not generalize when I read and I do not allow information to be given to me beforehand. I absolutely insist on these strict guidelines. It allows me to connect better with a person’s energy and true intention.

I have a very no nonsense approach with my readings and do not promote any type of false hope or ritualistic type practices. Pure and honest Psychic Readings is what I provide.

It is my purpose and life mission to continue to help those in need of true spiritual guidance and those that want to be heard.

"Get Outta Here", August 4, 2015

Get Outta Here  Sunday morning 8 AM PT
"Getta outta here."  "That's gonna be your topic?" Why does that deserve to be a topic?"

"Ok.  For starters, it's chuck full of possibilities to find new meanings and to re-frame the old ones."

Sexual Experiences, Challenges and Disabilities, July 17, 2015

Gary Loper

Straight UP Sex Talk! with Linzi Levinson

Interview with Gary Loper of

Topic: Sexual Experiences, Challenges and Disabilities; Savor Every experience

Erectile Dysfunction, July 10, 2015

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Straight UP Sex Talk! with Linzi Levinson

Interview with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Topic: Erectile Dysfunction

"Really?", July 7, 2015

Ras Jim Eating Bad Sandwich
​"Really?" you might be saying.  "You're really going to have a conversation on "Really"? Don't you have better things to talk about?........... really."

"Who Knew?", June 30, 2015

Who Knew
Tuesdays 7 PM (PDT) on BBS Radio
A conversation about ideas that matter

"My fellow Americans" (said with drawl)
​Independence day is coming up this weekend so we thought it would be a good time to re-visit America's mission.  

"Unbelievable", June 23, 2015

For Starters

7 PM (PDT) Tuesdays


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