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Chat with Dr Black, August 30, 2015

Chat with Dr Black with Dr. La Theia Black

"You Have No Idea", August 25, 2015

​Well, maybe you do. Rochelle and I have become particularly sensitive to the "You have no idea"  phenomenon in light of our son and his spouse's 6 mo old baby.  As Ian, my son, shared with me, he had no idea of what it would actually be like to be parenting. While Rochelle and I have some idea, we've probably forgotten most of it.  Who knew?

Guest, Dr Nick Campos

Guest Occupation: 
Teacher of Wellness, Chiropractor and Author

"That's Beside the Point", August 18, 2015

For years I thought I was ahead of my time.  Then one day I woke up and realized that................ I was beside myself.

Chat with Dr Black, August 16, 2015

Chat with Dr Black with Dr. La Theia Black

"What a Relief", August 11, 2015

"Oh, right... reliefe......thanks.....whew!   What a relefe, because that is our focus for tonight's "Insight Out-the Naked Truth" 7 PM PT Live

Guest Name, Chris Medina

Chris Medina
Chris Medina

I am a natural born Psychic-Medium with Native American ancestry. I provide expert metaphysical services for those in need of direction and or guidance in their life. I utilize my innate ability to connect with people on a true spiritual level to help guide them toward the path they are truly seeking. In essence, helping others help themselves.

I do not generalize when I read and I do not allow information to be given to me beforehand. I absolutely insist on these strict guidelines. It allows me to connect better with a person’s energy and true intention.

I have a very no nonsense approach with my readings and do not promote any type of false hope or ritualistic type practices. Pure and honest Psychic Readings is what I provide.

It is my purpose and life mission to continue to help those in need of true spiritual guidance and those that want to be heard.

"Get Outta Here", August 4, 2015  Sunday morning 8 AM PT
"Getta outta here."  "That's gonna be your topic?" Why does that deserve to be a topic?"

"Ok.  For starters, it's chuck full of possibilities to find new meanings and to re-frame the old ones."

Sexual Experiences, Challenges and Disabilities, July 17, 2015

Straight UP Sex Talk! with Linzi Levinson

Interview with Gary Loper of

Topic: Sexual Experiences, Challenges and Disabilities; Savor Every experience


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