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"I'll Buy That", September 22, 2015

I'll Buy That
PM Tuesdays-live, 8 AM Sundays edited (both-PDT)
"Buying and selling, supply and demand,"--capitalism's essential mantra--. "Eat me, buy me!"  Let the games continue!

"By the Way", September 15, 2015

The Way as in By the Way
PM Tuesdays-live, 8 AM Sundays edited (both-PDT)

Please join us tonight as we explore "The Way" as in "By the Way" which promises to provide all sorts of radical perspectives and unusual twists of mind."

"Yes and No", September 8, 2015

Yes and No
Mixed feelings, ambivalence, indecision, various perspectives, contradictions, dichotomies--these are just some of the ways that can prompt us to say, "Yes and No."
At the very least, "Yes and No" can set the stage for reconsidering assumptions, judgments and beliefs.

"You'd Be Surprised", September 1, 2015

Face Hitching

​Have you had the experience of a bunch of people yelling "Surprise" at you?  Imagine my surprise when I walked into a friend's house and not only did the group say, "Surprise," but my friend, Jeremy, started spraying me with a water bottle.

Chat with Dr Black, August 30, 2015

Chat with Dr Black

Chat with Dr Black with Dr. La Theia Black

"You Have No Idea", August 25, 2015

You Have No Idea

​Well, maybe you do. Rochelle and I have become particularly sensitive to the "You have no idea"  phenomenon in light of our son and his spouse's 6 mo old baby.  As Ian, my son, shared with me, he had no idea of what it would actually be like to be parenting. While Rochelle and I have some idea, we've probably forgotten most of it.  Who knew?

Guest, Dr Nick Campos

Guest Occupation: 
Teacher of Wellness, Chiropractor and Author

"That's Beside the Point", August 18, 2015

That's Beside the Point

For years I thought I was ahead of my time.  Then one day I woke up and realized that................ I was beside myself.


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