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Author, Speaker, Spiritualist, Motivator, NDE Experiencer, Alternative Health Expert
Doctor, Cosmologist, Archeologist, Planetary Healer, Author, Visionary, Educator, Intuitive, Consciousness Expert
Metaphysician, Visionary, Author, Etheric Field Researcher
Author, Doctor, Writer, Physical Organic Chemist, Molecular Geneticist, CEO of a Biotechnology Firm, Spiritual Healer, Hypnotherapist, Physicist, Cosmologist, Venture Capitalist
Senior Fellow, Researcher, Columnist, Editor, Author, Writer, Remote Viewing Expert, TV Producer, Speaker
Author, Storyteller, Vibrational Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Doctor of Metaphysics
Minister, Counselor, Lecturer, Author, Contactee, Ufologist, Radio Host, Visionary, Humanitarian, Teacher, Energetic Healer, Conscious Channel, Broadcaster, Speaker
Psychic, Radio Host, Author, Lecturer, Aura Reader
Director, Designer, Researcher, Psychologist, Physicist, Philospher, Statitician, Consciousness Expert
Scholar, Mythologist, Teacher, Astrologer, Philosopher, Visionary, Researcher, Speaker, Lecturer, Producer, Presenter, Explorer, Metaphysical Expert, Writer, Author, Historian