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Guest Name
Lisa Lachapelle
Guest Occupation
Spiritualist, Writer, Author, Fine Artist
Guest Biography

I live in Canada - and I'm a creative pursuer of peace. A Spiritualist (but you already know that by reading this site) ...who is big on self-study (not just introspection, but a love for books as a means of learning).

The past several years I've concentrated on writing. To be honest being unemployed allowed me the time to complete these books though it has been a struggle the entire way.  My goal for writing was most importantly and above all else to get a strong spiritual message across that would reach many people.  I cannot express enough my gratitude to my family for their patience, love  and support throughout these challenging years.  My thanks to Heaven is infinite.

I've enjoyed writing all my life. That first summer that I moved into the house on Harkness St. I knew that I would write a book.  What it would be about was later inspired by going to Heaven... after the Awakening. Five years later came the overwhelming feeling again that the 'time is now' to write it. So gathering passion with  notes I wrote Small Tales and Visits to Heaven, my first book to be published. The second book of that set was released seven months later.  Poetry was not only a part of a broader creative process but a point of discovery.

I am also a fine artist and the two creative realms - writing and art, in the fabric of mind have very different outcomes.  How I love them both!

I am spiritually fit to remain a solo flyer through life and remain celibate. Lover of light, lover of humanity, lover of God. Dedicated to spiritual humanest resolve for a union of hearts that bring harmony to others.