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Peter Francis Dziuban
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My new book, Simply Notice, takes a fresh, fun approach to personal growth.  It also makes for an exciting, controversial talk because the book goes on to discuss an "angle" that's not being talked about elsewhere. 
Many are familiar with the notion of a universal consciousness, and the idea is increasingly being accepted by scientists.  What makes for an exciting talk is what this also means. 
It means Life is not on earth--rather, earth and the entire universe appear to be in the one conscious Life.  This actually has been known to sages for centuries, but no one is saying it that way today.  When it's said that way, suddenly an esoteric idea becomes something everyone wants to know more about.
Simple experiential noticing exercises in Simply Notice lay out in plain sight how everything is but an appearance in consciousness, awareness.  In a 30 min. interview (or less) I can walk your listeners through simple steps of noticing that demonstrate this. 
The book is full of Ahas! and this is the biggest.  From chap. 11: "Today's still-popular belief that Life is on earth is our current era's version of the flat earth." 
You also can see reviews for both of my books on Amazon.  (My new book cover image would not upload for this site, so I have included an image of the first book, Consciousness Is All).

Peter Francis Dziuban (said Joobin) is a writer and speaker on awareness and spirituality. His first book, Consciousness Is All, has helped thousands around the world enjoy greater happiness, freedom and clarity in Life.

Peter has just completed his second book, Simply Notice –  Book 1 – Clear Awareness Is the Key to Happiness, Love and FreedomSimply Notice is intended to be a series of books, designed to make the deeper points of Awareness and spirituality clear and accessible to the general public. 

Peter's writings and workshops benefit so many because they are universal in application, and not tied to any one teaching or religion. He has studied this field over 40 years, since attending the University of Notre Dame; he also worked many years in corporate America. Now residing in Arizona, Peter enjoys the outdoors.